Tip of the Day: Get it tailored


Get It Tailored. Image Via: CreativeCommons.com

Every piece of apparel you buy is going to be cut universally to a certain size when it is manufactured. Whether it be a small, large, size 2, 3, classic, or sharp it is going to be cut to a specified measurement as designed by the original clothing company. Every brand is going to have its unique trims and fittings that will make it slightly different from other companies out there. However, it is still going to be produced at a mass amount of a certain scale that will fit most people that wear that size.

After I started my internship at Nordstroms, I started realizing how all the little details and cuts can make the biggest difference in a piece of clothing. Getting any pair of pants, winter jackets, or shirts you buy to get tailored is one of the greatest decisions you can make in customizing your wardrobe. That large dress shirt you bought could be tucked in a bit on the sides to make you look just a bit fitter. That new pair of pants could be hemmed just the right amount to help visibly elongate your legs to your favor.

After having a few pair of pants of my own hemmed I can notice a greater fit on how just a couple touchups make it look like the pants were designed just for me. Don’t stick with that out of the box cut. Pay that few extra bucks and wait the couple days to get your garment back from the tailor shop. It will be one of the wisest investments you can make with your wardrobe and I guarantee you will be an even happier than when you first set your dreamy eyes on the piece of apparel.

Anson Zong-Liscum

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