Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong's Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River: “Hyper-real” photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s takes his experimental ideas to a Mexican “cenote” for the Underwater River Project. Posing as a Chinese Cormorant Fisherman, Von Wong’s surreal photography is something that is worth taking a look at. Continue Reading


Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality

Acronym Clothing

Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality: Acronym, a German based technical and functional clothing brand that has quietly amassed a strong following for their unique apparel. A company that doesn’t believe in traditional forms of marketing and PR, Acronym has created a niche fashion category that continues to be successful. Take a look at their most recent clothing product video release and tell me you didn’t miss a single second of the fascinating clip. Continue Reading


Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet

Zim & Zou Shanghai Hermes

Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet: Hermes has reunited ties with fellow French based design duo Zim & Zou on designing Hermès Shanghai retail outlet. With inspiration from the Museum of Natural History and Cabinet of Curiosities, the “Wunderkrammer” concept is sure to strategically bring in a new wave of curious luxury Chinese shoppers. Continue Reading


Inspirational Fashion. What connects you?

fashion inspiration

Inspirational Fashion: Every designer is unique. Every clothing brand is different. Every brand attracts and relates to someone different. How and why do you connect to a certain brand? Listen to these designers express themselves through their clothing and how they came to where they are with their respective clothing brands. Continue Reading