Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong's Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River: “Hyper-real” photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s takes his experimental ideas to a Mexican “cenote” for the Underwater River Project. Posing as a Chinese Cormorant Fisherman, Von Wong’s surreal photography is something that is worth taking a look at. Continue Reading


Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality

Acronym Clothing

Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality: Acronym, a German based technical and functional clothing brand that has quietly amassed a strong following for their unique apparel. A company that doesn’t believe in traditional forms of marketing and PR, Acronym has created a niche fashion category that continues to be successful. Take a look at their most recent clothing product video release and tell me you didn’t miss a single second of the fascinating clip. Continue Reading


Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet

Zim & Zou Shanghai Hermes

Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet: Hermes has reunited ties with fellow French based design duo Zim & Zou on designing Hermès Shanghai retail outlet. With inspiration from the Museum of Natural History and Cabinet of Curiosities, the “Wunderkrammer” concept is sure to strategically bring in a new wave of curious luxury Chinese shoppers. Continue Reading


Inspirational Fashion. What connects you?

fashion inspiration

Inspirational Fashion: Every designer is unique. Every clothing brand is different. Every brand attracts and relates to someone different. How and why do you connect to a certain brand? Listen to these designers express themselves through their clothing and how they came to where they are with their respective clothing brands. Continue Reading


Daniel Agdag Steampunk Projects

The Seventy Eight

Daniel Agdag Steampunk Projects: You ever thought about using only cardboard and PVA glue to reproduce your concept art into a 3D model? I never did, but Daniel Agdag did and the 3D models are insane. Take a look at the Steampunk concepts. Continue Reading


N.B.K. Residence 2 by Bernard Khoury

N-B-K Residence 2 By: Bernard Khoury

N.B.K. Residence 2 By: Bernard Khoury: Beirut, Lebanon may not come across many people’s lists as possible living destinations, but the N.B.K Residence 2 may change that perception. Designed by the talented architect Bernard Khoury, this penthouse is one you’ll surely find yourself drooling over as it sure is a beaut. Continue Reading