Tip of the Day: Get it tailored


Every piece of apparel you buy is going to be cut universally to a certain size when it is manufactured. Whether it be a small, large, size 2, 3, classic, or sharp it is going to be cut to a specified measurement as designed by the original clothing company. Every brand is going to have its unique trims and fittings that will make it slightly different from other companies out there. However, it is still going to be produced at a mass amount of a certain scale that will fit most people that wear that size.
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Nordstrom Management Internship Summer 2013

Nordstroms Internship

Since I started working at Nordstrom as an intern I have come across many great brands that I had never heard of before. Many are beyond my current budget, but there are definitely so many brands out there that are of both great quality and design. This internship that Nordstrom provides puts you right into the fashion and apparel world. Continue Reading