About Emploom

Greetings Swashbucklers,

My name is Anson and you have wandered upon what is currently my blog or what I’d like it to be known as, my website in the works. Your probably thinking right now what the strange word Emploom means. Let me explain.

Emploom is a combination of two words, Empire and Bloom. These two distinct words have always had a huge emphasis on which I believe in and to me have strong, focused connotations behind them. Everyone wants to be successful in life. In my personal view, as you progress through life you are slowly developing yourself. This can be seen in the same way a king may continue building upon his castle or even more impactful…. an empire to leave a lasting legacy in within history.  A stone becomes part of a new fortress or a new territory is added on to the growing empire. In all the final outlook is you staring at the face of success.

Another part of the ideology behind the word Emploom, is with the word bloom. When I think of the word bloom, I think of the essential stages nature progresses through in eventually becoming its full potential. There is a sense of mysteriousness and elegance intertwined in the slow process in seeing if the final stage can be attained.  I picture a plant starting from a tiny seedling trying to reach its full flowering prowess. This is just how I imagine a person starting from the beginning stages of life and reaching their full potential in the end of reaching their determined goals. Each step is meaningful and writes up the potentials of the next stage.

Now what is this outlandish site all about? Well I’m sure you’ve got a slight idea by now. It’s about some of the most interesting things I find to have attracted me in life. That being fashion, art, travel, cultural connections, and most of all footwear.  Strange combination I know, but hopefully you dig into some of this content I post and find it just as amusing as I of course did.  And hopefully you have just a strong interest in these topics as I do to the point you follow this blog….and eventual site…of which will eventually be a footwear company.

Stay tuned.

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