Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality

Acronym Clothing

Acronym Clothing – Modern Functionality: Acronym, a German based technical and functional clothing brand that has quietly amassed a strong following for their unique apparel. A company that doesn’t believe in traditional forms of marketing and PR, Acronym has created a niche fashion category that continues to be successful. Take a look at their most recent clothing product video release and tell me you didn’t miss a single second of the fascinating clip. Continue Reading


Inspirational Fashion. What connects you?

fashion inspiration

Inspirational Fashion: Every designer is unique. Every clothing brand is different. Every brand attracts and relates to someone different. How and why do you connect to a certain brand? Listen to these designers express themselves through their clothing and how they came to where they are with their respective clothing brands. Continue Reading


Fashion Terminology Part: 2

Houndstooth Pattern

Fashion Terminology Terms Part 2: Here is the fist list of fashion terms explained to help you further assist you in knowing in an in-depth level at what you are buying exactly. It’s hard these days to keep up with all the latest and newest trends coming out every month. I’ll help you up to date with some of the latest and probably most noticeable terms you’ll come across. Continue Reading


Men’s Floral Print Trend of 2014

Men’s Floral Print Trend 2014: Floral prints are back in for men in 2014 and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Learn why you should pick upon the latest fashion trend for men and how it can become a part of your wardrobe. It may soon become a staple design pattern of your wardrobe. Continue Reading