Gerald Scarfe Kampa Art Museum: “Pink Floyd Exhibit”

Gerald Scarfe Kampa Art Museum

Gerald Scarfe is one interesting artist whose work you’ve probably seen across many notable political cartoon excerpts. This week I had the fortunate opportunity of being able to see the Gerald Scarfe Kampa Art Museum exhibit in Prague. Since, I am studying in the Czech Republic this semester I set some goals to see as many art exhibitions in the area as I can.

Gerald Scarfe’s gallery happened to be one of the many great exhibits being held here at the Kampa Art Museum. The Kampa Art Museum itself is a very nicely spread out museum. Gerald Scarfe had one of the largest exhibits and some of the most appealing or appalling images throughout the museum. The “Pink Floyd Exhibit” portrayed a variety of his different works, often containing many political figures in his pieces or political viewpoints. This included George W. Bush, David Cameron, and Barack Obama to a name a few.

His art skills are very loose, filled with movement, and have a striking language at the same time. Viewers will probably find the art interesting, in that they like it or hate it. However, I think most viewers will understand the point that Gerald Scarfe was trying to make within each piece. Who doesn’t enjoy a little humor when it comes to politics? Luckily, the museum allowed viewers to take pictures of the exhibit. Here’s some of the exhibit and his website if you want to see more of this creative style. Enjoy.

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