Top 5 Shoe Myths

Everybody Has Their Theories, Which are the Myths and Truths?

My Answers to the Top 5 Shoe Myths

Top 5 Shoe Myths
Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

Shoes are a wonderful invention. They really showcase and share with you a personal story about that individual. You may take a jab and guess if they’re a business person or an athlete. Or maybe their just a fashionista or sneakerhead. It’s not surprising to see why shoe retailers are always busy and people continue to scoop up new pairs of shoes add to the collection.

Now while you’re on that shoe floor shopping, you’ll probably hear a few random comments around you from salespeople telling their customers their personal opinion. This material is going to do this or this is how this shoe should fit. The list goes on and you start digesting it within your own personal shopping experience. I would like to clear up the top 5 shoe myths I always hear and give you my personal side.

Top Shoe Myth #1: Please Check for a Thumb Length in the Front.

I absolutely hate this theory and is why I’m going to address this right away. It’s one that you’ll hear many senior shoppers bring up when buying shoes. This is how they were taught and what they have come to believe all these years. Sometimes people don’t want to be told anything else and that is fine. However, I will tell you that this is not how you check for the correct sizing of a shoe. For a half-thumb to full-thumb length check, it’s all hogwash.

You should always check how the arch area of your foot to the heel of your feet match up with the rest of the shoe. Many shoes will have some type of support or cushion built in and you should gauge your comfort level of the sizing with this first. Many will immediately notice if they feel pressure impacting the wrong spot of the foot. This usually leads to the heel not fitting or giving discomfort.


The reason you don’t use the thumb rule is that many shoes are going to have different toe box designs. A majority of shoes are not meant to fit your feet the way an orthopedic shoe will or some custom shoe may. Many shoes are designed as fashion styles and you’re feet are never going to fit just up before the edge of the toe box. That European chisel toe dress shoe you’ve been eyeing? Good luck trying to shove your toe up to that point.

Instead try on a few sizes, see what feels most comfortable on the midsole of your foot. Once you get that down, see how your heel nestles into back part of the shoe. Lots of lift in that heel? Then you probably need to go down a half size and then gauge that mid-part of your foot again. You’re going to have a much better experience on your next footwear shopping spree.

Top Shoe Myth #2: Can You Stretch the Length for Me Please?

Shoe lengths do not stretch! That is part of the reason why there are different shoe sizes out there and why lasts were invented. You can not stretch that toe box out to fit your big toe, you just bought the wrong size or that shoe does not work for you. Most people do not want to accept the fact the a certain shoe is not built for their foot. They want to force it to work out. Sorry, this is fat lie if someone tells you they can stretch out the length. The width of a shoe is a different topic and can be dealt with to a certain extent. Just never ask to stretch the length of a shoe please.

shoe stretch

Top Shoe Myth #3: The Higher the Price the Better the Shoe.

Uh no. This is a common myth from shoppers when flipping over shoe displays to compare prices. Yes, there are truths to better material being used or craftsmanship qualities that will bring up the value of the shoe. Factors like these will drive up the price point to a certain degree. However, most shoes are usually priced by marketing pull and brand appeal.

There is probably not much in production cost from a basic Nike Free to a Yeezy, but everybody wants that Yeezy so the pricing will differ dramatically. Marketing pays off for companies. People will pay higher prices for a shoe they want.

Try telling your average Joe Shmoe shoe shopper that the Maison Margiela Fusion Low-Top sneakers are worth $1700. They’ll probably just tell you they can make it themselves. To a footwear collector or avid brand loyalist they probably wouldn’t even hesitate at that price point. You pay for what you want. Price points never completely dictate the quality of the shoe.

Top Shoe Myth #4: The Lighter the Shoe the Better

I get it. The Cole Haan Zerograands feel like you’re walking barefoot. That’s great and I hope you enjoy the shoes. It does not mean that your feather-weight shoe is so much better than those Balenciaga Triple S sneakers sitting on the other shelf.

Shoes are all made of different materials and incorporate different technologies that will make a customer feel like they own the best shoe out there. That’s how you want a customer to feel, but in the end it does not mean that the shoe is better. In many scenarios lighter shoes tend to be less durable and give less support. Just from my personal experience and you’ll probably find that to be the case as well.

Top Shoe Myth #5: Your Shoe is Going to Last Forever

I love it when people expect their shoe to last five years and complain about how the shoes didn’t wear well. If you wear a shoe hard for a year without rotating it or maintaining it, then you should be happy your shoe got you that far. It did its job. The people who have a strong rotation of shoes, show their shoes love by giving them the proper care, or have a cobbler do some small repairs will have an extended life out of their shoes. I will say that most people who follow those standards will usually get 3-5 years out of their shoes.

Once again, like many consumer products out there, there is a certain lifespan and people should accept this. Even the most expensive of designer footwear will not last that long if you wear them as your everyday shoe. They may have more durable materials, but without the proper care you can very well wear them out within the year. Have realistic expectations with your shoe and know that you will have to replace them sooner than you expect if they’re your everyday shoe.

Conclusion to the Top 5 Shoe Myths

There are my answers to the Top 5 Shoe Myths I believe are always among the top in footwear discussions. I would love to hear your thoughts on these Top 5 Shoe Myths and what shoe myths you would like to share!

Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

Which of the Two Most Demanded Sneaker Brands Fit Best for Your Lifestyle?

A Look at the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

Golden Goose and Common Projects Comparison Review

Sneakers have now become a part of everybody’s daily outfit. From suits to business casual to just a walk with the dog, sneakers have essentially become the go-to shoe for everyone. You’re probably thinking your adidas or Nikes may be your go-to which is absolutely fine. However, this is geared towards the designer realm than to the athleisure world, two completely different customers. There is a big difference between the two categories on how they fit people’s everyday lifestyles and the buying decisions. This comparison review specifically brings to light two designer brands that continue to float to the top of most recommended and desired brands out there. This is the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review.

I currently own both brands and can say that both have become my go-to options out of my footwear selection (which is somehow always expanding). I own two pairs of both Golden Goose and Common Projects, each fitting different needs and outfits. At this point, I have owned both brands for a couple years and feel that I can make a confident comparison between the two brands and hopefully guide your shopping process on which to buy. If you haven’t seen, I have written reviews of both the Golden Goose Superstar and Common Projects Achilles Low to get a detailed analysis of my thoughts on both. So lets jump right into the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review.

I Need Comfort. Which is Better from a Comfort Level?

This is one of if not the most asked question when anybody asks for any footwear to try on. What is more comfortable? I figured we might as well start off the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review with this question since it may be the instant decision maker for you.

Golden Goose

The honest answer is that they are both comfortable shoes. Both shoes are handmade with superb Italian craftsmanship and materials. Both important factors for people who invest into their shoes on a regular basis. However, from an anatomical standpoint, Golden Goose will win this category. If you’ve never tried this, pull out the insole of your Golden Goose and take a look at the hidden wedge built within the insole. Many have never noticed this hidden feature within their Golden Goose shoes. The insole cups your heel securely and gives it a lift which helps with your all-around, all-day comfort.

Golden Goose Insole Support

Common Projects

Taking a look at the insole of your Common Projects, you’ll now notice that they don’t pull out. They are pretty flat like most designer-focused brands are with just a soft layering of cushioning built within the insole. This isn’t to say that the Common Projects aren’t comfortable as I can wear mine all day with no problem, but they won’t give you the same support foundation as a Golden Goose will. Now everybody’s definition of comfort is different, but from a standpoint of being both comfortable and supportive for the foot, the category goes to Golden Goose.

For $500 Sneakers What is the Better Quality Shoe?

Neither of these shoes are cheap options, but if you’re looking at these designer level brands you should have expectations of dropping around this amount. Why? Yes, the branding is a big part, but you’re also getting the quality and uniqueness of each shoe. If you’re looking at dropping $100 or less on a sneaker then you’re probably looking at a shoe to last you a season if you wear it hard. Before you know it you’re back buying another pair online wishing you’d bought a better quality shoe.

Golden Goose vs. Common Projects Heel Comparison

Common Projects

With the way I’ve worn my four pairs hard for the last couple years I’d probably be on the 3rd and 4th pair of replacements by now. Instead, both brands are still lasting amazingly well with just some wear showing in the back heels of my Common Projects. The Common Projects use a Margom sole, what is widely considered in the industry one of the most durable rubber soles out there. Guys are pretty tough on their shoes and the Margom soles on my Common Projects have definitely endured a lot. From being on my feet at work for extensive periods and hopping around downtown on the weekends, they’ve went through quite a bit with me. Just recently, I noticed the back heel of my red, nubuck Common Projects Achilles Low starting to wear a tad. However, they’re still going to last me a couple years.

starting to wear a tad. However, they’re still going to last me a couple years.

The leather is also amazingly comfortable on the Common Projects. Yes, some people have said they had to break them in because they do run narrow. However, once you have broken your Common Projects in you’ll be a tough spot to find anything more comfortable. The leather is of great quality and the all-around construction of the shoe with the Margom sole is second to none. Just show the leather a little of TLC here and there and they’ll taken on all the next challenges you throw at them.

Golden Goose and Common Projects Side Comparison

Golden Goose

Golden Goose are in a unique class of their own within quality standards. With a leather exterior and mostly Terry-cloth inliner on the inside, the construction is different from most sneakers.

What many people will criticize is the exterior and if the pre-distressment is considered a quality shoe. Some buyers will tell you to just go scuff up your $50 Converse for the exact shoe. Others who can appreciate the unique aspect of every pair of Golden Goose will know the quality standards implemented within the construction of each individual shoe. The shoes are still Venetian-made and individually distressed at the end in a Golden Goose Sneaker Lab for its own individual flair. The soles are not Margom soles, but seem to hold up very well. Golden Goose also use a mixture of materials within their construction which may bring the overall construction durability of the shoe into question.

Golden Goose Terry Cloth Lining

From the quality standpoint on what most people will appreciate and from my own personal years over the use of this brand, Common Projects will the W in this category. At this point of the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review, both have a win.

A Fashion Standpoint

Golden Goose

Many consider this the blogger shoe brand right now. Yeah AllBirds and adidas have gotten some of the mainstream media love, but within designer level brands Golden Goose has definitely captured the spotlight. Each shoe is uniquely distressed and each has an individual number for the set amount made. Most Golden Goose that come out are of a limited assortment, not meant to be reproduced giving you that extra individual look that many will not be able to replicate if ever.

Golden Goose Comparison Review

For some that’s a big deal wearing items that have more of a collectors appeal and creates a sense of scarcity. This can definitely be under appreciated this as many styles from designers are released once never to be released again. Later on someone will ask you where you got your shoes only to realize that they probably going to go on a wild goose chase trying to locate it. Golden Goose is of a discrete status level and many fashion-conscious customers will recognize this.

The distressment and mixture of materials with the iconic four-star logo will stand out to people who live in the footwear world. People recognize this newer, hidden designer brand without having to scream it out there for everybody to notice. Customers will also know if they can confidently wear a Golden Goose shoe with their wardrobe and being able to showcase that it’s not a Converse they’re wearing.

Common Projects

The minimalistic approach from Common Projects was a category that Common Projects essentially started up. From a clean-cut, simplistic silhouette that any guy could wear with an outfit of his choice, Common Projects has really dominated in this area. The subtle golden glazed serial number on the side of every Common Project gives it its own status symbol for people to notice.

Common Projects Achilles Low Review

Most people will probably slide with the Common Projects for their first designer level sneaker. Its simple but luxurious, and doesn’t scream the designer attention that many designer brands get right into it. I believe it’s a good starting base into the designer world and many guys will find this to be a versatile option that they will continue staying true to the brand with.

Both brands bring different factors to their customer’s fashion lifestyle. While they are both understated designer level brands, Golden Goose represents more fashion forwardness that customers will consider trendier and relevant as part of their everyday outfit. Common Projects have their niche that many guys appreciate, but doesn’t bring the same fashion statement as a Golden Goose shoe will to an outfit. For this Golden Goose does win from a fashion standpoint.

Winner of Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review?

In the end, both Golden Goose and Common Projects are amazing brands, bringing their own unique flair to the designer footwear market. Every customer has thousands of sneaker styles to choose from, but both these brands have continually stood out from the masses to acquire their followers. While I recommend having both brands as part of your footwear collection, I do appreciate my Golden Goose for the fashion forwardness they bring to just a typical everyday outfit. Whether it be for work or just hanging out, Golden Goose bring an elevated approach to your wardrobe and portray a different level of confidence.

Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

In this case, if I end up purchasing another sneaker from the two brands it would be a pair ofGolden Goose. If we end up going with just another shoe from the two brands, then that would have to be part of a new comparison. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review!

Men’s Fashion and Footwear February 2019 Video Compilation

New Spring 2019 styles are continuing to drop if they haven’t already! I put together a few videos of some of the men’s designer collections we should see releasing soon. Stone Island has some amazing stuff coming out! Some are short clips and others are full runway shows. Enjoy.

Stone Island Shadow Project SS19

I loved this video. Stone Island continues its innovativeness by reimagining textiles and the details. This time we see the use of zippers being more utilized throughout garments and making functional statements of the outfits. The video is visually stunning and really showcases the color selection the new season encompasses. I also really enjoyed the layering effect that many outfits showcased and the new prints being released. The Split Hood is a refreshing take on the standard hood.

Gucci Fall/Winter 2019

This is going into the next season, but designers always release their next season’s collections months ahead. Gucci just released this video yesterday and Alessandro Michele style is nothing different from his past collections or extravagant styles. This round its about kneepads, masks, and spikes throughout all the runway models. Honestly it doesn’t seem like half these models can even walk right. Gucci continues to be on fire though so it’ll be interesting to see what people think about this collection.

Canada Goose Project Atigi

Partnering with Inuit seamstresses, Canada Goose showcased some of the amazing work from these seamstresses and will donate all sales back to the Inuit sales. It’s really some beautiful work and great to see Canada Goose partnering with some of the communities who withstand these crazy temperatures consistently. Atigi is the Inuktitut work for “parka”. Check them out online this month.

Men’s Footwear Style Trends 2019

Some New and Some of the Old

What’re the Most Noticeable Styles for 2019?

There’s a lot of new out there! Tons of new looks, tons of new materials, tons of new focuses, all exciting stuff for 2019. The men’s footwear options look really promising and definitely have some exciting styles releasing.

I’ve scanned through what people are saying the newest men’s footwear style trends 2019 is going to bring. A lot of it is the same old predictions. White sneakers, city boots, dress shoes, suede, and all the basic assumptions. Why can’t we focus into the details of the shoe a little bit more than just the basic category everyone mentions is the trend again? Here’s what I’ve discovered for the men’s footwear style trends 2019.

Bulbous Details in the Heel

Yes. Take a look at some of the prestigious designer brands out there and tell me that some of their sneakers are starting to bump out the back heel of the sole more and more. Most sneakers out there will have a rounded out back heel with maybe some simple contrasting and color schemes.

Balenciaga Track Mesh Sneaker continues to focus on the extension of the heel. The Valentino Bounce Sneaker brings out a different take on the bulbous heel. Alexander McQueen is bringing the concept onto men’s derby shoes even. It may not be a big “trend” but definitely a new style that is catching on more with designers taking more creative leaps.

Valentino Camouflage Bounce Leather Sneakers, $895

Nike x Atmos Air Max 2 Light


Adidas Consortium LX CON, $109

Standout Lacing Systems and Materials

It’s time that laces started to get a little more advanced. We’ve got what looks like BOA lacing structures from skiing boots and technical fabrics being implemented into the standard cotton laces. Maybe this will fix the lace-up issue for good? From Nike to Gucci, brands from all price point levels are looking at updating the original lacing system.

Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin Sneakers; $206.00

Hooded High Top Sneaker, $345

Tech Runners

This is one trend you may see on many blogs and I do believe this is continuing to gain traction. Convenient slip-on with breathable mesh material, brands are continuing to add new technology and implementing them into new silhouettes. I would still consider it a really casual style shoe with all that athleisure wear, but hey wear what fits you. It continues to push the limits of footwear. Maybe all shoes will be self-lacing at some point?

Prada Knit Running Sneakers, $760

adidas Ultraboost Laceless Primeknit Sneakers, $244

Obnoxious Sole Tread Patterns

There are definitely some shoes out there that have beautiful uppers matched with some pretty outrageous soles with the craziest of treads. How far can you go out there with mixing them into your outfit will definitely take some creativity, but hey maybe just let the shoe speak for itself. Dolce & Gabbana, DSQUARED2, and Lanvin all have some pretty fun styles out there. Anything you’d be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try on?

Giuseppe Zanotti Urchin Oversized Sole Sneaker, $749


Y-3 Kaiwa Pod Sneakers, $330

Givenchy Jaw Suede, Nylon & Mesh Sneakers, $825

Thoughts on the Men’s Footwear Trends 2019?

Obviously these are my opinions of what I’ve seen to creep up on more brands lookbooks and products listed on merchant sites. Once again, I didn’t look completely at category trends of footwear as much as I did with more the specific footwear design elements that 2019 seems to be bringing forth. I love how brands are focusing more on braking down specific parts of the shoe and breaking away from industry standards. We need this type of creativity and 2019 seems to be starting off its first steps on a refreshing path forward. What are your favorite men’s footwear trends 2019 has showcased so far?

Luisa via Roma (US)

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WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review

Canadian Brand Branching from Handbags to Footwear

Today’s Review of the Benson Derby

I’m always willing to try new brands out there. Why stick with the same brand for everything? Every brand is supposed to bring something new to the table and give something for consumers to get excited about. Welcome to the WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review.

The brand today, WANT Les Essentiels has been a name I’ve seen pop up here and there. Mainly it was sneakers (which I have plenty of) that I continued to come across. Then I came across the Benson Derby in black online. It was a very minimalistic design and had a slightly-more rounded toe. I’m one for more pointed dress shoes, but something about this pair of Derbys just seemed like it was worth checking out. Here’s the WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review.

WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review

Initial Thoughts of the WANT Les Essentiels Benson

Another black dress shoe. Yes, there’s thousands of styles out there, but once again they all cater to specific customers. Some don’t want brogueing, some a different style heel, some don’t like Chisel toes. Endless options. These WANT Les Essentiels Benson Derby’s seemed to have just a blend of everything out there for an every day dress shoe.

The one style factor about this shoe was that it seemed to be just a little wider than an almond-toe box style. It might just be the very toe of the shoe being visually wider, but it definitely makes the whole silhouette of the shoe seem wider in general.

However, what most people will likely pay attention to are the stitching design differences and the two-tone eyelet colors. Minimalistic with just enough details to stand out from the competitors.

What Details are We Speaking of?

This is a trademark style that WANT Les Essentiels does to all the eyelets of their dress shoe styles. A silver eyelet paired with a rose gold eyelet. Not much but a small, distinguishing detail that may pump some people up. Is it very noticeable? No, but to the footwear mavens and shoe-conscious consumers (they are in the millions) these things can stick out to people. Sometimes as the wearer, it’s just a nice confidence booster to know you’re wearing something different from the masses.

Want Les Essentiels Benson Eyelets

The other detail is the stitching patterns. As you’ll notice on the sides of the Benson Derby, the stitchings are a straight angled stitch right into the bottom of the sole. It’s black on black yes, but when you’re analyzing shoes at the shoe store you’ll notice that most dress shoes have the same stitching patterns. WANT Les Essentiels tweaked it just a bit, but the stitching does help with the overall minimalistic feel of the silhouette.

Lets Speak of Comfort

For a leather dress shoe that you usually expect to break in, the WANT Les Essentiels Benson was an instant comfort fit. The insoles are extremely well padded with what feels like some extra foam bedding. The top layer of the insole is also all one piece. I hate it when brands have the two-part top layer of the insole as it always curls up. Such an annoyance.

WANT Les Essentiels Side Stitching

The extra comfort of this shoe definitely has to do with the width of the shoe as well. Is it a little too wide is what I find myself asking. I do have a slightly wider foot, but this fit may just be a design difference. These are 42’s which I usually order, but I feel that I could probably fit into 41’s for a snugger fit.

Other Small Things to be Aware of

The leather is very supple with a very fine, grainy texture. It’ll probably show signs of creasing relatively easy, but just keep those shoe trees nearby. The tongue of the shoe is also very well padded and shouldn’t put any pressure on your instep.

WANT Les Essentiels Leather Grain

As the laces do lace up, it doesn’t feel like they really bring together the side panels of the shoe as tight as they should. Is this maybe an issue with the construction design of the shoe? There is some swimming within the length of the shoe and the heel does have some more slippage then usual for a dress shoe.

For the last part of the WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review I will just mention the sole quickly. The Benson has a mix of a rubber base for the front part and back part of the heel base. There is a strip towards the back of the rubber base that feel like a plastic strip glued on top. I have no idea what the design intention behind that is. The mid-sole of the shoe is then leather with the front heel base also being leather. We do have a gentleman’s corner on the bottom sole and the WANT Les Essentiels running stick figure man is implanted right on the heel. It’s a pretty unique sole.

Final Thoughts of WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review

WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review

WANT Les Essentiels is a brand worth keeping an eye for with their new footwear selection. As they did start up built around handbags, their footwear selection has been growing and does have some very nice minimalistic designs that consumers can definitely appreciate.

Want Les Essentiels 
Brand Logo

For the final thoughts of the WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review of the Benson Derby, I would recommend it but to go down a size. I would definitely have to make a final decision of trying the next size down to see if fits correctly.

From a design standpoint, I am intrigued at the design elements WANT Les Essentiels brings to the table. If I get the opportunity, I would be interested in analyzing some of their future footwear collections. If you have any thoughts about the WANT Les Essentiels Footwear Review or knowledge to share of the brand please comment below!

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