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The Ant Workshop By Luo Xu

Discover the newest architectural art park from local Yunnan artist Luo Xu. The Ant Workshop (蚁工坊) located in Jianshui, Honghe Prefecture gives visitors in the region an opportunity and new angle to explore modern art.


The 3 Hidden Attractions of Dalian

From gigantic squares to warm beaches, Dalian is a popular summer destination for people looking for a beach escape. However, if you’re in Northeast China and looking for something a little different than the standard tourist hotspots of Dalian, then take a minute to check out my 3 hidden attractions of Dalian. Someone say UFO towers?


Explore the Top 5 Sites in Dandong China

The Top 5 Sites in Dandong China: Are you in China and want to branch away from the major tourist hot spots?How about Northeast China, in specific Dandong, China. As you’ve probably never thought about getting close to the North Korean border before, Dandong brings a nice mixture of uniqueness and adventure.


A Cold Weekend in Harbin

The Great Ice Wall of China, 40 meter high ice sculptures, and eating local popsicles in -20C weather? Yes, this is Harbin, the most northern capital city in China. I got a weekend in January to visit here and it’s a must visit if you’re in the area. You’ll have to survive the frigid Siberian breeze as well.

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