The Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review

The Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review: For all the designer sneakerheads out there, this is one shoe that should probably be part of collection. From being one of the most iconic sneakers on the street to being an a finely crafted shoe, the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker should be part of your collection. Continue Reading


Church’s Shoe Review, My First English-Made Shoes

Pair of Church's Monk Straps

Church’s Monk Strap Shoe Review: Everybody talks about their Italian-made designer shoes and the rich history behind the country’s cobblers. I stand very much behind Italian-made shoes, but was also curious about English-made shoes. I decided on a pair of Church’s Monk Strap shoes in a very standard black. Here’s what I have to say about my first pair of English shoes two months in. Continue Reading


It’s Here. The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneaker Review.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Review

It’s Here. The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneaker Review: You’re probably hearing the Golden Goose brand everywhere these days, especially if you’re involved within the footwear world. The distressed-looking sneakers with the three-pointed star have been popping up everywhere and are becoming popular with each new season. I snagged myself a pair finally and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts. Check out the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneaker Review. Continue Reading


Common Projects: 5 Reasons to Buy Suede or Leather

5 Reasons to Buy Suede or Leather?

Suede or leather shoes? Especially when it comes to designer labels or higher-end brands, the decision can be very strenuous. What fits a need? Do you own that style of material shoe? What have the reviews said? I’ve grouped up some of the most common factors when deciding between suede or leather shoes. For this review I’ll showcase the Common Projects Achilles Low in both styles. Continue Reading