Fashion Terminology Part 1

Fashion Terminology Terms Part 1: Here is the fist list of fashion terms explained to help you further assist you in knowing in an in-depth level at what you are buying exactly. It’s hard these days to keep up with all the latest and newest trends coming out every month. I’ll help you up to date with some of the latest and probably most noticeable terms you’ll come across.


Tip of the Day: Get it tailored

Every piece of apparel you buy is going to be cut universally to a certain size when it is manufactured. Whether it be a small, large, size 2, 3, classic, or sharp it is going to be cut to a specified measurement as designed by the original clothing company. Every brand is going to have its unique trims and fittings that will make it slightly different from other companies out there. However, it is still going to be produced at a mass amount of a certain scale that will fit most people that wear that size.


Zara: The Millennial Fashion Shopper

The Spanish based retailer is the biggest fashion retail company in the world and has held that spot for many successful reasons. With over 6,000 international stores and a roaring record profit increase of 27% in 2012, Zara isn’t showing any signs of struggles doing business in the fashion world. Zara has developed many great in-house techniques and business strategies that have cemented their position as the top fashion retailer in the world. Many of these successful techniques are why they have also solidified themselves as the primary target choice for Millennial customers looking to fill a shopping tote with new clothes.