Kazmok Fashion – Conveyor Belts to Fashion?

Kazmok Fashion – Conveyor Belts? : Kazmok, is a fashionable eco-friendly company out of the Netherlands that produces a variety of bags. The twist: They create luggages, Ipad cases, accessories, all from conveyor belts. Recreating an everyday product from a sustainable product such as rubber is something new and exciting to see. Just think, what else are we going to be able to create from different sustainable materials we haven’t thought about creating yet. See how Kazmok has been successful by utilizing rubber to their benefit.


Men’s Floral Print Trend of 2014

Men’s Floral Print Trend 2014: Floral prints are back in for men in 2014 and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Learn why you should pick upon the latest fashion trend for men and how it can become a part of your wardrobe. It may soon become a staple design pattern of your wardrobe.


10.Deep “Far East” Spring 2014 Collection

10.Deep “Far East” Spring 2014 Collection: These days it’s not very common to come across a street wear brand that contains much Asian influence, yet alone even does a collection from our brothers in the “Far East”. 10.Deep has finally latched on and unleashed a fresh new set for their Spring 2014 collection, laying heavily on the Japanese styles and patterns. Take a ponder.