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Renzo Rosso

Renzo Rosso; Image Via: Slowfood.it

Lately, I’ve been watching and reading about the background stories of many successful fashion companies and to see their whole process of getting to where they’re at today. Renzo Rosso was a name that seemed to continually pop up. It ended up Renzo Rosso was the creator and founder of Diesel, a high end fashion brand in Italy.

I read so much into his background that I actually ordered his book “Be Stupid” which explains his unique managerial and vision for his company. He is also known for some of his very creative ad campaigns and marketing methods to showcase the Diesel name out to the world. If your ever interested in looking at some of the most random, yet very brand focused advertising campaigns put out by fashion brands, Diesel would be up there.  The company won the Outdoor Grand Prix award for the “Be Stupid” campaign recently at the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The first thing that would come to many peoples minds would be “Why brand yourself with a slogan like that?”

Starting from his first pair of jeans at age 15, to working in a textile production factory, and to taking over ownership of a clothing company only to reestablish it into his own brand Diesel, Renzo is definitely an inspirational figure. For a man who’s taking a different approach to presenting his brand and some very risky maneuvers that paid off big time for the company, Renzo Rosso should be looked at as an inspirational figure in a variety of areas. Here’s a few clips I found that have to do with Diesel or Renzo Rosso himself. What do you think of the very different fashion forward man and his approach to taking Diesel to the front of the denim wear category?

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