Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn: The Military Designer

Letting the Past Re-inspire the Future

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn -Image Via: Esquire.com 

Christopher Raeburn was an interesting designer I came upon. He’s a British designer who specializes in reproducing garments from old military apparel, textiles, and technical products into new fashionable, heavy duty clothing. Basically a military inspired designer.  Having grown up collecting these materials in Southeast London it only seems fitting that he utilizes these types of garments and up-cycles them into very  fashionable and durable outerwear.

A graduate of the Royal College of Arts in 2006, Raeburn started his own label and recently collaborated with Victorinox to create a limited edition set using old Swiss military materials. This has included using sleeping bags, parachutes, blankets, to any textile that could be incorporated into a heavy duty outfit. His works make me think of an upscale, even more durable set of clothing of North Face. Looking at these jackets they seem extremely tough and very detailed. They also include very unique materials such as parachute material which would add an interesting mix twist into a jacket. Bright colored in-liner that matches with what would look like some Burberry wool jacket together.

Bringing Back History

You don’t come across many designers these days who reuse old materials and re-springs them to life in a whole new outfit. The collection is meticulously crafted and detail oriented. Just think of a soldier who first fell into a pool of bright colored paint in his sweater and to dry himself up, covers himself up with an old military jacket. The traces of the bright colors lie underneath still yet converge with the authentic look of an old, war veteran coat.

What I believe to be the most intriguing part of his style is by staying up to trend with the go-green theme of the world and fashion industry today, but by spicing it up in bringing a deep historical root into the mix along with it. Who knows what war veteran may have used that specific garment and accomplished with it during a war. The next thing you know, the garment is being revitalized to a new level and carries on its story to another stranger who will hopefully bring just as good use to the garment. That is what I find most fascinating about Christopher Reburn’s work.

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn Mid Length Jacket

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn – Parachute Dress

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn Rainwear

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn Jacket

Christopher Raeburn: Military Designer

Christopher Raeburn – Parachute Hoodie



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