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Twitter Impact on Social Media

 Twitter impacting you?

As we all have been noticing these days, Social Media is becoming extremely popular and gaining importance. Social Media websites have become more than just places to chat. Today we use social media for business, meeting people, name/brand exposure, and as a main source of communicating.  People nowadays cannot go without logging onto Facebook at least two or three times a day. Am I right?  Our main source of finding videos of any type online is Youtube. If we need to instantly tell the world breaking news or where we’re at we hit the Twitter. You might be thinking that all this social media has been around for a while, but Social Media is just starting to grow.

Looking back a few years we could all agree that no one knew what Twitter was. To many of us it just seemed like another useless website with no benefits to it. If we look at Twitter today there are a number of ways we can feel the impact made by Twitter. From a business perspective we can definitely see how businesses are applying Twitter into their plans.

As of 2010,  latest stats estimate around 10-15 million active Tweeters. Total registered users figure over 70 million accounts. With the continually growing amounts of Twitter users it would be stupid not to take notice and build a new approach to incorporate Twitter into present and future business plans. It is a brand new market with active online users; with customers that businesses may not have been able to reach out to in the past.

With the click of a Tweet companies may now come face to face online with these potential customers. Instant deals and promotions can be announced with a Tweet throughout the day. Future news can be shouted out with people retweeting the information to even more potential, valuable customers.  It’s a great way of exposing a start-up company to many sources and outlets.

As with all great things, there are downfalls. Twitter definitely has its own share.  At the moment there is no ability to include pictures and videos within your tweets. Your profile can also only include one intsy, tintsy, tiny photo, which of course if your default picture. To many people that is a necessity if they’re to find your site useful and come back to it. Many people also state that Twitter is basically a smaller version of Facebook. It does indeed have its comparisons. People can post on the wall and make any comments right away just as they would if they were to use Twitter.  Facebook gives people more options that people may find more valuable than wasting time on Twitter.

Twitter has its own niche in the social media world. Its just how you approach and utilize it to its own unique abilities. Twitter is making its presence felt and will continue to expand into other areas. With time people will grow to find how Twitter is different and separate itself from Facebook. I have definitely found its usefulness in the social media world today, just find how it can benefit you.

Link below is a great article about Twitter and its statistics


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