Looking for a Boot this Fall? Stop at the Vince Chelsea Boot Review.

Vince Chelsea Boot Review

Vince Chelsea Boot Review: If you don’t own any Chelsea boots then that is going to on the top of the list to update your wardrobe with. This Vince Chelsea Boot Review is meant to give you a quick over view of Chelsea boots and in particular the Vince Chelsea Boot that I have been enjoying. Continue Reading


Saint Laurent Universite Loafer Review

Side View of Saint Laurent Universite Loafer

Saint Laurent has always been known for their high-end collection of women’s footwear and handbags. However, their men’s footwear collection is not to be missed. With a variety of styles from boots to sneakers, the Saint Laurent Universite Loafer has become one of my favorite shoes recently and for good reason. Check out why you should keep Saint Laurent in mind for your next footwear purchase. Continue Reading