Maison Forte Derby Shoe Review

A Lesser Known Brand Amongst Men’s Shoes

Maison Forte Derby Review – “Still Water”

Maison Forte Derby

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into the thousands of brands out there and take a chance that a less publicly known brand will work out. Brand names don’t always mean they are the best shoe or the perfect shoe for you. Each brand out there has a different last and fit, usually requiring you just to test out fits at a local footwear shop. I did just this and took a chance on a Maison Forte Derby shoe. Heard of the brand? Probably not, but hey sometimes that’s the mystery and giving a less-well known brand out there a shot.

Amongst the thousands of brown derby shoes available on the web, how did the Maison Forte Derby survive through the purchase click? A number of things.

A Great Cut

Maison Forte Derby

As I mentioned before I am very particular about the toe box cut of the shoe. Some guys there could care less as long as it is instant comfort. I will survive through a break in period if it means getting the better fit of a shoe that represents me more. Usually when you’re online shoe shopping you are given a number of views to get an idea of the shoe. I always believe that the bird’s eye view is usually the deciding angle. How does the shoe look from the top down? It’s how you’ll view the shoe when you have them on and how people will see the shoe that are close enough to you. The Maison Forte Derby has a great looking toe box and forms its shape at some defining angles.

How’s that Leather Feel?

Maison Forte Derby

Upon looking at the detailed photos of the Maison Forte Derby online you can usually take a peek at the texture of the shoe. Does it look like a rough and rugged finish? Is it suede or nubuck? These are all factors you want to consider when deciding your next leather shoe. One thing on the Maison Forte Derby was the fine leather description. Taking a more detailed, close up look at the leather the texture looked like a fine grain finish. The leather is usually thinner, but extremely soft. It’s also a leather that you will have to be cautious with as it can scuff or tear easier. However, I believe fine grain leathers have a dressier finish and have a great fit that usually breaks in much quicker.

Leather Sole?

Maison Forte Derby

Go with the leather sole. Some people like the rubber soles on dress shoes, but I’m a firm believer in buying only leather soles. Sure they may feel a tad stiffer and may not have as much bounce as a rubber sole or be as comfortable right away. However, a rubber sole will not mold and contour to your foot over time. A leather sole will customize to the form of your foot and eventually become extremely comfortable. The longevity of a leather sole is also a big factor as they are easy to be resoled. A rubber sole can crack and usually spells the end of the pair. From a fashion standpoint, leather soles look much sleeker and not as clunky as many rubber soles. However, it is a personal opinion.

So Why the Maison Forte Derby?

First off, the Maison Forte Derby is a great looking shoe. With a vey nicely angled toe box cut and subtle leather, the shoe is a great fit right off the bat. The other things I love about the shoe are the subtle details thought out about the shoe and the leather sole. And even better the price at which you can find a pair at is hard to beat.

Maison Forte Derby


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