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A Chelsea Boot Should be Your Go-To, In Particular the Vince Chelsea Boot 

The Vince Chelsea Boot Review for 2018

Vince Chelsea Boot Review

I’ve written in the past how I think a Chelsea Boot should have a home in every man’s shoe closet. If you’re not quite sure what a Chelsea boot is, just think of a flat boot that comes up just past ankle bone area, and has an elastic-stretch band on both sides of the shoe. A mouthful of a sentence, but simple enough to describe what a Chelsea boot is. Some may also call them Beatle boots.

The greatest benefit of a Chelsea boot? It’s versatility and functionality. Easy to slip on and off. If you’re going from work to the bar, then just rock your Chelsea boots. Plus, you’ll have a step-up in your fashion game to many of your peers out there. Go ahead and ask them what a Chelsea boot is. You’ll probably get mostly blank stares.

Now there’s thousands of options out there. Some with a crepe sole, maybe a Cuban heel, or maybe a little extra flair embedded in the design somewhere. You wear what fits you. One of the wonderful things about owning a variety of shoes are the way each pair can portray you in different lenses. So what’s my recommended pair of Chelsea boots? Well this post is about the Vince Chelsea Boot review. 

Why the Vince Chelsea Boot?

I’ve owned the Vince Chelsea Boot for a minute now. They’re black and simple. I can wear them to work and for going out. I mentioned versatility earlier and it doesn’t get much easier to match with a black Chelsea boot. So why write about the Vince Chelsea Boot Review?

Vince Chelsea Boot Review Side Angle

Vince is a popular modern, trend brand that does everything from apparel to footwear. Many people know them for their easy slip-on footwear options. Basic style shoes in a variety of sole and color combinations. Their footwear options have continued to expand and with it their men’s footwear selection.

Having also been priced at a very reasonable price point, the Vince Chelsea Boot is a great option for somebody who wants an Italian-made shoe without having to break the bank ($200-$350). Vince shoes are also known for their comfort levels and being an all-day wearability shoe. So we have a combination of good price point, Italian-made quality shoes, and comfortability. I think any guy would buy into a shoe that combines all those basic necessities of a quality shoe.

Distinguishing Factors 

Now we have a simple, black Chelsea boot that has a lot of great basic factors that many brands would use as selling points. Perfect. One of the biggest traits about the Vince Chelsea Boot that I love is the pebbled finish. A black, simple, pebbled textured Chelsea boot. Simple is great, but the finishes are what can make shoes stand out from each other. Just how we may purchase certain shoes with different patina finishes or design custom made shoes. They make you stand out from the crowd.

Vince Chelsea Boot Pull Tab

Most Chelsea boots out there are just a straight black leather boot with no extra finish or distinguishing design. Some of those Chelsea boots look disgustingly cheap as well. If it’s faux leather of feels like plastic then please avoid. You’re going to get a seasonal shoe. Please never go with anything patent on these boots either, if you do happen to come across a pair.

The nice thing with the pebbled finish is that it gives it a combination of a vintage look combined with a modernistic touch. Pebbled leather shoes are also usually softer giving you a great fit right away. I personally think it gives the Vince Chelsea Boot an edgier look as well as elevating the sophisticated feel about the shoe. Imagine this shoe with your wardrobe, you’ll see what I mean. 

How do the Elastic Bands Hold Up?

Another great trait about the Vince Chelsea Boot is where the leather cuts around the ankle area. It doesn’t cut super high to where you feel like you have to have skinny fitting pants to make it work. It also doesn’t cut super low to where it feels like they cut the boot to short. The boot is cut at a great height just about the ankle bone area. Enough for you to tuck in or roll your pants over.

Vince Chelsea Boot Elastic Band

Six Months or a Couple Years

This is a question you probably always ask yourself. For footwear it should always be for the long-term. A higher quality leather boot will last much longer with wear n tear. With Chelsea boots you also want to look at the elastic bands on the side. Does the stretch seem pretty sold to where it will hold up? Or does it seem cheap to where it will rip after slipping them for a few months. The Vince Chelsea Boots has a solid stretch band with plenty of flex, but feel like they will hold up for a lengthy period.

The pull-tab on the Vince Chelsea Boot also is stitched on very well. Even after hundreds of pulls on this leather handle it’ll still hang on tight. I personally never like Chelsea boots when they have the front pull tab, it just overdoes it. 

Vince Chelsea Boot Bottom Hybrid Sole

The Vince Chelsea Boot also has a nice leather and rubber combo sole. The heel is leather, with the front sole being a rubber base. You get the best of both worlds with the combination and have the capability to resole these for the future. 


Yes, the Vince Chelsea Boot in particular is form fitting. It has a greatly shaped toe box and fits just snug around your fit. You want a comfortably snug fit and the slimmer the cut of the footbed the sharper it’ll look. The Vince Chelsea Boot receives checkoffs on both of these points. If you do get a suede option, they do tend to be a little on the wider side. 

Wrapping Up the Vince Chelsea Boot Review

The Vince Chelsea Boot Review gives you a broad spectrum of the many things to look for in a Chelsea Boot, but also why to look at Vince Chelsea Boots as well. The brand has done well from a product stand point and packs a lot of strong factors into their Chelsea boot selections. Of course there are some great designer options out there as well and I hope to get some reviews on here for you as well. However, I personally very much enjoy my Vince Chelsea boots and will get great use out of my current pair. Please leave your thoughts for the Vince Chelsea Boot Review.

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