The Latest Common Projects Derby Shine Review

From Sneakers to Derbys, How Did Common Projects do?

Common Projects Derby Shine

Happy New Years everybody! To start the new year, I decided to review one of my latest go-to shoes. Actually they have probably become part of my Top 3 favorite pairs now. The Common Projects Derby Shine. I purchased these just a couple months ago and they’ve broken in comfortably. Having purchased the Oxblood color option, these Common Projects Derby Shines have a nice combination of style and material that I didn’t already have in my always growing shoe collection. Here’s what I’ve got for the Common Projects Derby Shine Review.

Have You Ventured into Burgundy Yet?

If you don’t have any burgundy footwear in your closet yet, I highly recommend to get a pair. Burgundy is something you can get comfortable wearing quick and sets a nice tone with your outfits. From matching with dark colors and lights, burgundy shoes with any burgundy touch in an outfit is what I would recommend playing with in your wardrobe. These Common Project Derby Shines are a rich, burgundy (Oxblood) tone that goes very well with darker outfits. I’ve worn my new kicks with blue suits, to casual black blazers, and denim.

As shown in my previous posts, I own a pair of burgundy Common Projects Achilles Low and they’ve worn at least twice a week. However, now that I have these new Derby Shines it makes a fun challenge to see what will be worn more. Get on board with some burgundy.

What’s the Common Projects Derby Shine Actually Made with?

What you see is indeed a wedge on these Derby’s. The wedge, which most will say is a crepe sole runs the full length of the shoe. I believe it to be a crepe based material, but I can see where other people have said it’s mixed with some sort of other material. The sole does have a faint odor to it, which you may notice with your other crepe shoes as well. This is my first pair of any crepe-based sole shoes, so once I test out another pair I can let you know if that’s the case with all crepe shoes.

Common Projects Crepe Sole

The leather is indeed very unique. From a distance they look like a straight-up patent dress shoe. However, once you physically test the shoe and try it on you can definitely notice it’t not nearly as stiff as many other patent shoes out there. It’s just a high-shine leather.

What Creasing Issues?

Many have mentioned that they’ve received very noticeable creasing on their Common Projects Derby Shine, but I can’t say mine have. I’m on my feet most the day during work and am not always the easiest on my shoes. I also put the shoe tree back in after work. I’ll tell you again it really pays off to use your shoes trees. Anyways, by judging my photos you can see there is slight creasing, but not the extensive amount that many other buyers have mentioned about on theirs. That wear is from 2 months and having worn the shoes 10-15 times.

Common Projects Derby Shine Review

One thing I really enjoyed about the design of the shoes is how any contrast detailing was basically wiped out from the design process. I’ve noticed how some previous models of the Common Projects Shine Derby have had contrasting stitching with the soles. I’ve always thought that looked a little tacky. The burgundy stitching within the burgundy leather and black with black sole are the perfect look. It’s not overdone and the simplicity of the design speaks for itself.

These Speak Comfort From the Start

With crepe-soled shoes, most people will acknowledge that they will give you an extra bounce from the rubber latex material. Thus, alleviating some of the pressure off your foot with each step and absorbing pressure in general. These Common Projects definitely fit the case here (along with giving you a little more height) in making it easy to bounce around on your feet all day. I noticed it as soon as I wore them the first day. No discomfort whatsoever. The width on these actually seems a little wider than the Common Projects Achilles Low, which would either be a pro or a con depending on your foot. For me it was nice because I didn’t have to break them in.

Common Projects Derby Shine Side View

Sizing the Same?

Yes. I wore a 42 in the Common Projects Achilles Low and picked up a 42 in these as well. Some will say with the slightly wider footbed to go down to a 41. I would recommend just to stick with the same size you have in all your other Common Project shoes. Just tighten up the lace a bit tighter if you’re on the narrow size.

Final Thoughts on the Common Projects Derby Shine Review

These Oxbloods are definitely a winner in my book beginning with the color choice. Try a new color this season and let burgundy be one of the first ones you test out. You’ll be wondering why you haven’t worn the color all these years.

Common Projects Derby Shine Review

If you can still find the Common Projects Derby Shine online, then I would scoop it up if I were you. It’s a great business casual shoe. Go straight from the work desk to the dinner table after work. The slight shine elevates the shoe up to a dressier level and the minimalistic style is a versatile shoe to go with many outfits. Of course, if you’re just a Common Projects fan in general then this is a must have.

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