What Caused this Birkenstock Re-emergence?

The Hipster Shoe Is Back Everyone

The Future is Looking Bright at Birkenstock

Everyone has probably owned a pair of one of the ugliest shoes around. Yes, the Birkenstock. One blue moon ago, you bought a pair thinking they would be something you would to go out in every single day only to rethink that decision and slip on something else. And then they sat gathering in the closet gathering dust…for years and only coming out at as a last resort. Well the surge has hit once again and people are following the latest trend. It’s happening again, the Birkenstock Re-Emergence.

And they’ve come back in such high demand that most places you shop at will be sold out. Even the Birkenstock online store has models backordered till even next year. What caused this sudden rucks and noise about the 1964 orthopedic sandal of the year? Everyones probably got some food for thought on this.

Celebrities and Media Trend

No brainer. It’s basically what creates every trend in fashion, design, marketing, and so on. Someone wears something or this big event was impacted by this product. I remember first seeing the Birkenstock reemerge in a Spring GQ issue and thinking those things look disgusting. I still do, but designer after designer started doing their take on the comfort sandal and before you knew it celebrities were rocking them. And just like that, smack they started selling like crazy. Arizonas, Gisehs, and just any Birkenstock at that point. It was Birkenstocks galore.

Trend Towards Comfort Shoe

Birkenstock Arizona

Consumers are starting to lean more towards comfort these days. Major comfort-based shoes are all starting to see sales hike and products selling out quicker than many design focused brands. Of course this can differ drastically in some geographic regions, but brands such as Ecco, Dansko, New Balance, have all seen increased sales. The Birkenstock is the epitome of a comfort shoes with its cork based sole and suede-molding footbed. The shoe gets comfier and comfier. I think this will be the major reason if Birkenstocks do manage to stay past the current splurge. People want comfort and it’s hard to beat a Birkenstock.

A Modern Silhouette

Opening Ceremony x Birkenstock

Opening Ceremony x Birkenstock; Image Via: ifitshipitshere.com

White soles, velvet slippers, animal prints, redesigned soles. Think of any ugly design concept you’ve seen come out in fashion and Birkenstock has snatched it up. Birkenstock was definitely brainstorming and has done its research on consumer buying habits as it has worked. Bright contrasting colors and funky reptile skin prints will be merched right next to the original Birkenstocks. It’s the new modern consumers’ interest and what they’ve seen celebrities matching with their outfits. I think this is an area of the Birkenstock products that will fade out quick.

Expanding Product Release

Birkenstock Re-emergence

Birkenstock Midland Boots; Image Via: freshnessmag.com

This Fall 2015 we are starting to see the first Birkenstock boots. At a time when the company is floating sky high, it’s probably the best time for Birkenstock to begin experimenting with new products. I truly believe the new product selection will actually due quite well as they still include the comfort sole and are aesthetically not nearly as bad as the originals. It will be interesting to see how the new Fall products will do, but I believe this will definitely help the Birkenstock name stick around for a while.

Is the Birkenstock Re-emergence Staying?

What do you think of my analysis on the recent Birkenstock Re-emergence? Do you have some take on why they will be a continuing boom or sudden bust? Just don’t tell me Birkenstocks and socks are a remarkable combination.


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