Footwear Marketing Video Ads – August

Footwear Marketing Video Ads

A Collection of Creative Shoe Ads

Shoes have been around longer than we know it and so have the many ads that have been produced over the years for the various types of footwear we’ve gone through. From the K-Swiss days, to Ikea ads, to what seems like a never ending amount of Nike kicks, footwear has always had a creative step with the ads. Footwear seems to be interconnected with a  variety of industries, specifically within the advertising realm. Check out this collaboration of footwear ads that you have more than likely come across growing up.

Oliberté Footwear

This Canadian brand seems to be doing quite well as they have recently teamed up with Mark McNair. The collaborative shoe projects that are aimed to be released later this year. Oliberté shoes have the unique aspect of being fully produced in Ethiopia with many of the materials being locally sourced. This includes everything from goat leather to the natural rubber and the newest release of camel leather shoes. All all been produced with materials found within countries in the region. Oliberté, which formed in 2009 also recently announced their recent achievement of being the first Fair Trade Certified footwear factory by Fair Trade USA. Originally producing only men’s shoes you can expect a few women models to come out this year as well.

John Lobb – “A Singular Journey”

John Lobb, one of the most esteemed English footwear brands continues the strong tradition of producing their legendary footwear. Since planting their roots in London in 1866, the bootmakers have since branched out their product lines. John Lobb now includes some women shoes and leather accessories. As the holders of two Royal Warrants for the royal families in England, John Lobb shoes still maintain the strong legacy of their iconic footwear.

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