Prada Penny Loafer Review: Classic Toblac

Penny Loafers usually find a home within every mans shoe wardrobe. Plenty of Prada Penny Loafer models have done so and for great reason. The Toblac Penny Loafer from Prada however it different. A shoe built with comfort and high quality, but lacking from the design standpoint. Is it a style you add to your collection or skip out on for a newer model? Take a look at my thoughts on the Prada Toblac Penny Loafer.


Vince Camuto Oxford Shoe Review

A pair of reasonably priced Wholecut Oxfords are hard to find. However, Vince Camuto has a great option known as the Tarby that I think is a versatile and durable option. Known for their usual women’s shoes collections, the Vince Camuto Oxford collection for men are some great shoes for updating the shoe collection without breaking the bank. Read more in depth on the Vince Camuto Tarby Wholecut Oxford here.

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