Ted Baker Oxfords – Haigh Plain Toe Review

Ted Baker Oxfords?

Most Know Him For His Apparel and Probably For Good Reason

Ted Baker Oxfords

The new year calls for new shoes to add to the 2018 wardrobe. Most likely at the top of your lists are new work shoes or that everyday go-to black shoe. It’s the easiest shoe to match with if you’re in a rush and need the quickest shoes to match. I recently ordered a few different black shoes to test out. All three were different brands and different styles. The first to arrive of course and to test out were these Ted Baker Oxfords, more specifically the Ted Baker Haigh Plain Toe Oxford.

Off of first glance I thought the shoes looked pretty catchy. From the pictures it looks like a nice smooth, slightly finished pair of black dress shoes. Small cross-hatching detail and slight cutout designs in the back heel seemed like something different. I am always particular about the toe box as it has to have the right cut and angle to it. Looking at the picture these Ted Baker Oxfords seemed to have all the essentials put together with a very Ted Baker-ish take on the typical men’s dress shoe.

Ted Baker Oxfords

It is true when people say things sometimes look completely different on the internet than the picture. The thing with these Ted Baker Oxfords is that they looked identical to the image, but the first in-person impression of these shoes was a complete letdown. I already own some Ted Baker moccasins and they’re fine for the price. However, when talking about a dress shoe I did have some higher expectations which weren’t quite met. Ted Baker makes some great apparel and maybe that’s where my expectations were raised a bit higher for his dress shoes.

Why Didn’t These Ted Baker Oxfords Pass the Test?

Ted Baker Oxfords

What did I not like about the Ted Baker Oxfords? Well they just feel dirt cheap. Yes, the leather had a nice cross-hatch pattern finished on the top of the leather and that probably caught my eye. When examining the shoes in person though, it’s basically in the same department with Calvin Klein footwear. It’s eye catching initially but looks and feels like the $15 it took to make. The leather edging of the ankle area feels super rough and uneven. It basically seems like they forgot to finish the leather. Even better they would probably dig into your skin if not wearing dress socks.

Ted Baker Oxfords

Ted Baker Oxfords

A personal thing I can sometimes gauge a shoe quality is by its laces and these felt like they would probably rip after a month. You do receive another set of colored laces with the shoes, but hey two months of use out these shoe laces at max. The bottom sole of the shoe wasn’t very impressive to me either. I thought the whole purple contrast idea was a nice flair and something that represented the Ted Baker image. However, it just felt like a really crappy sole that’d need resoling in a matter of months.

Ted Baker Oxfords

Now for the fit. They were ok. The Ted Baker Oxfords were definitely on the narrow side. If you have a slightly wider foot you wouldn’t want to go with any of the Ted Baker lines. The shoes had no cushion whatsoever and if you desire some arch support then you opened the wrong box. Pretty flat for the insole, but I have to say the insole is just as catchy as the silhouette. If there’s one thing I liked about this shoe its the Ted Baker style elements that are definitely imagined within the shoe. The delicate detailing ideas are aesthetically pleasing and the fun color palettes used do make you want to try on the shoe. There’s also a small stitching in the form of the letter X which I thought was a nice tough on the back heel.

Ted Baker Oxfords

Stick to the Moccasins

In the end, Ted Baker oxfords and dress shoes are not the first thing I would recommend if you’re looking for a decent black dress shoe to last through the year. If you’re a die-hard Ted Baker fan and in it for the brand then I would recommend his moccasins.


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