Robert Geller x Common Projects – Strap Sneaker

Robert Geller x Common Projects Continue the Collaborations

The Luxury Three Strap Sneaker

Robert Geller x Common Projects

If you haven’t heard of the German fashion designer before, it’s probably time. Since debuting his own menswear line in 2007, Robert Geller has continued expanding his product assortment. His latest collaborative work has been with Common Projects for the past few seasons. I picked up one of the most recent collaborations, the Robert Geller x Common Projects Strap Sneaker.

Thought there was another shoe that was part of this collaboration, I was more intrigued with the three strap sneaker. In the future I will try to write a post on all the past Robert Geller x Common Projects collaborations. Each collaboration utilizes straps and a clean, modern silhouette. For now though, here’s what I have on the Robert Geller x Common Projects Strap Sneaker.

Quality High Tops

Robert Geller x Common Projects

I’m not a big fan of high-top shoes honestly, but when you get a first glimpse of these you want to test them out. Many high tops out there usually feel overdone, too skateboardish, or just don’t look like any design thought was implemented. If you own other Common Projects then you know first-hand how great the leather quality is. The Robert Geller Strap Sneaker is no different. The leather feels almost as soft as nubuck leather which results in instant comfort when you slide into in.

Enjoy the Extra Padding

Robert Geller x Common Projects

One of the first things I noticed about the shoe was the padding around the very top of the ankle area. This is probably the softest leather pillow you will come across. The padding basically cups around like a U on the ankle to the inside part of the zipper. There are other luxury high-top sneakers out there that have soft leather, but not with this amount of soft padding. You will never bruise you’re ankle when wearing these. Some may think they look a bit puffy, but I think you’ll forget about it with the comfort they provide.

Robert Geller x Common Projects

The stitching and velcro straps all feel well put together. I am not a fan of velcro anything really and most the time find them unappealing, especially on shoes. I’m not crazy about the velcro straps on this shoe either. But for some reason they merge well with this shoe. I think its a mixture of the color being all one on the upper and the straps being a reasonable width.  The velcro straps also do not feel like they’re going to be stripped off after wearing them a few times.

They Just Feel Like Butter

Robert Geller x Common Projects

They really do. My foot just slipped right on. The zipper which slides like butter as well shows no case of hesitation on zipping down. What I enjoy about Common Projects footwear is that although they look narrow, they provide enough room for the balls of your feet. I don’t feel any desire to have to break these in, they just fit. This particular shoe however does run big. My other Common Projects I wear a size 42, these are a 41 and I still have a bit of room up front. That’s just for your own notes if you do happen to order these and own a pair of Common Projects already. The nice thing about the velcro straps on the top is that they are easily adjustable to your perfect fit. Thick socks, thin socks, tucked in pants, it makes it work.

Robert Geller x Common Projects

A Trendy Design Overall

The Robert Geller x Common Projects Strap Sneaker definitely fits the bill of a designer or luxury-oriented high-top. it has a little flair and feels the price point its marked at. Some of the small details I enjoyed about the shoe were the perforations in the toe box, the leather patterns that compose the upper, and the tongue design. The leather area about the tongue has a trendy cut to it where it starts off very narrow and does a V-cut on both sides. Part of the V-cut at the top is most likely for the top velcro strap to sit in nicely on top. There is of course the always iconic golden serial number at the bottom of the heel as well, which really sits well with this navy blue. This shoe also came in a black and taupe-ish looking color.

Robert Geller x Common Projects

Final Thoughts On the Robert Geller X Common Projects Strap Sneaker

It’s a slick looking shoe, no doubt. For those who enjoy their high tops and want a nice option to dress up with then this is your guy. This may even convert some of the guys who are used to just wearing low-tops and want to venture into something a little different. It’s without a doubt one of the most comfortable high-tops you will find. Now for the velcro straps and thick extra padding, that may get hesitations from some of you. For me, I just don’t really enjoy high tops and I still haven’t found a shoe with velcro that is a must-have. However, I do recommend you to at least try this shoe out, because it definitely has its reasons to be a part of your shoe wardrobe.

Robert Geller x Common Projects

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