Swims Shoes: The Modern Waterproof Shoe

Swims Shoes: Your Favorite Rain Shoes Plus More

The Trendy Waterproof Shoe

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There’s always going to be that surprising moment when you suddenly find the sky getting a little gray and your in your best leather dress shoes. It just had to be that particular day and you realize your going to have to brave through the strong possibility of soaking up your nice work shoes. Why couldn’t there be a dressy option of protecting those dress shoes? Swims found the answer.

Swims is a Norwegian based shoe company pieced together by Johan Ringsdale, a Parsons School of Design graduate who found himself in this similar rainy position very frequently in the streets of New York.  What resulted was the creation of modern galoshes, or an updated version of the overshoe to slip over the top of those precious leather shoes. An accessory that people could find functional without having to clash the whole appearance of the day’s outfit. The bright idea worked and what followed were even more functional, completely waterproof shoes which we now know as Swims shoes.

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The company has branched out into a spectacular variety of shoes, handy for all types of situations.Today you can find a variety of slips ons from penny loafers, tassel slips, and even the very classic kiltie loafer look. Along with the original slip on models you may even find yourself some quality rain boots and lace-ups straight from the design minds in Oslo. With the strong variety of shoe designs you’ll come across an abundant amount of colorful and trendy styles to mix up your shoe style with. You may soon find yourself thinking Swims shoes for a variety of  eventful occasions and daily outfits, or your new everyday shoe.

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The shoes incorporate a mix of quality materials technology that give them the unique functionality. The upper of Swim shoes utilize an extremely durable and waterproof material called thermo-plastic polyurethane (aka TPU)  that gives it the edge in those wet spots. Along with a rubber sole that provides traction for various terrains and you’ll find an anti-bacterial mesh material that lets you wear them effortlessly barefoot. Swims have practically reinvented the image of rain shoes and the everyday classic shoe seem completely weatherproof.

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With their continual expansion into a variety of raincoats, bags, and accessories for both men and women its hard not to like where this company is headed. Past collaborations have included working with Armani and John Lobb, both well known brands within the footwear industry. As founder Johan Ringsdale has mentioned they are “reinventing the classics” and the footwear industry in a number of ways. But remember order a size down!

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