Inspirational Fashion. What connects you?

Inspirational Fashion

inspirational fashion

What inspires you? Image Via: Tmagazine.com

These last few weeks I’ve really been digging into learning more about designers themselves. Some of the questions on my palette of curious thoughts include pondering about…How did you get to the point you are today? What inspirations did you pick up from past experiences that helped you accelerate to where you are today? What helped transform your mindset to the place and setting it is focused on today? How did the biggest risk you decided to take completely change everything for you?

With each and every interview you watch, the more you learn how each designer’s projects and collections really directly reflect themselves. As you look at couture or designer brands, you really start to notice how every collection is what the designer is currently in the mindset of and not exactly what the company’s past brand history accomplished or stood for. Each season or release is completely unique and never the same. These brands are really trying to take on the story of the designer to represent themselves in a new refreshing way and bring about a new expression within the brand.

After being released, this brand image or brand culture is then reflected upon the consumer market. A consumer interprets these designs, styles, and brand image to determine if that connects within themselves somehow. Every designer resonates a strong personification or story that people relate to and feel is in a way somehow an expressesion of themselves also. That’s why some people may only wear certain brands and not others.

These videos of Scott Sternberg (Band of Outsiders), Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), and Jeff Staple (Staple) all showcase that same personal identification behind their companies.

There are always brands you appreciate and ones you always keep an eye on for their newest releases. And of course there is a reason behind it that guides you in being directly attracted to that brand. Why do you wear certain ones and not others? Take a minute to think…

Alber Elbaz of lanvin

Scott Sternberf of Lanvin

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