Daniel Agdag Steampunk Projects

Daniel Agdag Steampunk Work

Some Outstanding Creative Work

Daniel Agdag Steampunk

The Birdhouse; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

One of these days I feel like Steampunk style will really kick into gear and get more attention from the mainstream media. From it’s interesting take on fashion concepts and the whole industrial vibe. It adds a very different flair to everything else out there. Every now and then you’ll come across some amazing artist who just happens to imagine up some remarkable ideas. Sometimes you’re lucky and find an interesting story related to steampunk. I came across one of those today and it was the works of artist Daniel Agdag. Check out the amazing Daniel Agdag Steampunk projects below.

Daniel Agdag Steampunk

The 4th Fatality; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

It’s All Made of Cardboard

No one really thinks to get downright creative with cardboard and PVA glue as the main sources of material and media for designing, but when you do you really gotta stop and take a good look at it. The Australian, Daniel Agdag has made all these insanely detailed Steampunk projects straight from cardboard. Even better, he only uses cardboard gauges of 1mm, .8mm, and .2mm. So detailed and intricate, its remarkable to see what one can create from the simplest forms of everyday material and make amazing models out of. Who knows if any of these Steampunk concept projects will ever become a reality, but you have to definitely take a moment to appreciate the guy’s skill.

Daniel Agdag Steampunk

The Captain; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

Daniel Agdag Steampunk

The Seventy Eight; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

Daniel Agdag Steampunk

The Unicycle; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

The General; Daniel Agdag

The General; Image Via: Daniel Agdag

From airplane propellers taking flight to unicycle hot air balloons, Steampunk definitely boils up the creative mindset on how creative mechanics could even be more complex and intricate. My favorite is The Seventy eight, there is just something attractive about that little plane and oddball of a shark fin tail it has. One day, if only mechanical concepts such as these could just become a reality.

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