Stone Island Shadow Project & Winter 2015 Release

Stone Island Shadow Project & Upcoming 2015 Releases

Stone Island Shadow Project

Italian sportswear label Stone Island has been busy this year.  The new fall release shows off the latest collection, Stone Island Shadow Project. The project, headed by Acronym founder Errollson Hugh brings many of the same influences from the Acronym label and technical approaches that both companies have been known for. Weather, durability, technicality, and movement.

Stone Island Shadow Project 2015

Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Shadow Project 2015

The newest Shadow Project collection includes a little bit of everything. This includes performance trench coats, down vests, multilayered bomber jackets, and an arsenal of tech-oriented pants for all your gadgets. The collection also includes  uniquely cut footwear, wool beanies, and simple mixed fabric t-shirts. Terms such as Primaloft, cotton/nylon jacquard construction, moleskin, chenille, are all common technical jargon. Summed up, its all advantageous technical benefits you will gain with any of the new Stone Island Shadow Project collection. Diagonal pockets and ribbed construction seem to be an especially common theme within this collection. The simple silhouette still hasn’t changed much regarding the overall appearance of the apparel.

Both marketing videos also contain the same dynamic movement and vibe as the Acronym videos. Each video showcases the minute details and precision stitching utilized within the garments. The videos give us a hint at how much thought was put into each piece of garment construction. The Shadow Project video seems almost an exact replica of how Acronym always presents their seasonal releases. Silence except for the cute dance tunes and a total side of attitude. Why do these models always seem so pissed off? With a more attuned focus on the streetwear elements in both collections, Stone Island has definitely maintained its position as a perfectionist within technical apparel.

Shop the recent Fall/Winter 2015 product lease as well as the Stone Island Shadow Project Collection.

Images Via: StoneIsland.com

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