Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Recommended Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Spectre Danner Boot

Spectre Danner Boot; Image Via: Danner.com

It’s that time of the year to start wondering if your favorite pair of leather shoes will be able to handle the upcoming barrage of winter season. Odds are most likely not and you’ll be scouring the footwear market in hopes of luckily landing the same pair again. But don’t worry as there are an abundant amount of options to wear instead, of which I would suggest hunting down soon. If I were you I would closet up those expensive shoes for the season especially once rain and snow hit. What I have put together for you gents is a list of fashion-forward, weatherproof, and comfortable men’s shoe options that will hopefully help you narrow down your list for waterproof shoes this fall. Here are my current recommendations for Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015.


Marvin Krasnow has been known to focus on the women’s shoe floor for the most part. However, Aquatalia recently decided this was the year to revitalize the men’s shoe line. The last time Aquatalia produced men’s shoes was back in 1998, but with men’s footwear gaining traction once again they have joined the scene. As one of the most popular weatherproof, fashion forward brands on the retail market, I would highly recommend taking a look at the men;s lineup this year. Every Aquatalia shoe is pretreated during the tanning process of the leather making it a truly all around weatherproof shoe that can handle any type of weather. This years selection includes chukkas, chelsea boots, oxfords, and monk-straps. All shoes that can be worn for work and going out without having to worry about the upcoming snow forecast.

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Aquatalia Men Shoes; Image Via: Aquatalia.com


Within every shoe produced at the Portland based brand you will see common terminology such as Goretex and Vibram. As such each shoe is built with extremely durable materials, reflecting the tough nature of each shoe that is handmade in the US. With the Vibram sole you will not find any outsole with a better traction for frigid surfaces. With Goretex lining you will find breathability and waterproof combined.

The Danner Light series, a staple reproduced every year received some exclusive media attention this year. The new Bond movie, Spectre named the Danner Mountain Light II the official Bond boot. Thumbs up boys. Danner has also upped the comfort level by including its own Airthotic sole. Something that should make a difference when wearing around the tough trekkers. I personally like the extra lacing system done on all the Danner Light series which is supposed to provide extra stability. Best of all? The boots are recraftable.

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Danner Mountain Light II, Image Via: Danner.com

Danner Mountain Light II, Image Via: Danner.com

Cole Haan

You can’t forget about this classic brand which has been elevating its product selection and is always incorporating new materials. The latest is still the Zerogrand series which the company started after being sold by Nike a few years back. However, the Zerogrand line which encompasses a number of styles has recently picked up a new completely waterproof line.

The Zerogrand Waterproof Tall Boot, a completely waterproof leather shoe that exhibits the newest Zerogrand technology. With an EVA midsole and natural storm welt construction, the Zerogrand Waterproof Tall Boot will give you instant lightweight durability. For those you new to a natural storm welt, it’s basically a welt constructed between the upper leather part of the shoe and the sole to seal out any incoming moisture. Sounds waterproof enough right? As there are a number of styles within the Zerogrand Tall Boot series, you will still find the urban feel and versatile style for a number of occasions to wear them out with.

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Cole Haan Zerogrand Waterproof Tall Boot; Image Via: Colehaan.com

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Cole Haan Zerogrand Waterproof Tall Boot; Image Via: Colehaan.com


Blondo, part of the Steve Madden umbrella of footwear brands is a name that you don’t quite necessarily see at every retail outlet. The company which headquarters up in Canada, is another one those cold-weather focus brands that usually focuses on the waterproof capabilities of their shoes. Yes, as in a majority of their women and men’s shoe lines will all be completely waterproof. Just look for a small AquaProtect logo on each box. Similarly with Aquatalia, Blondo is usually represented on the women shoe floor but have started with men’s lines as well. The brand carries more of a classic and simple silhouette with their designs. So if your looking for something a little less subtle, but maintains a clean-cut classic look then Blondo might be a brand for you to take a chance at.

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Blondo Damien Boot; Image Via: Blondo.com


And of course Hunter boots, the English brand that has essentially captured the slim footwear category of rain boots. The simple rubber boot has exploded onto the footwear scene the couple years and continues to add onto their rubber footwear selection. The men’s selection of footwear has also grown to include a decent variety of waterproof shoes from classic boots to derbys. I wouldn’t recommend Hunter footwear as something you would probably go out all night in, but more of a change of pace shoe to have sitting in the trunk of your car. A situational shoe if you may. When that surprise rainfall or morning slush appears you will know exactly what pair of shoes to look for. Check out the Hunter footwear selection, as you will find it doesn’t hurt to have a pair handy.

Men's Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Men’s Hunter Boots; Image Via: Hunterboots.com

What’s You’re Favorite Men’s Waterproof Shoe Fall 2015?

And that bout rounds up some of the recommendations I have for the Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015. Some of the brands may sound familiar to you, others not so much but do your research on each brand. Any of these brands will work through the water elements for you. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that fit your style and are comfortable to rock around in the next few months. Good hunting and feel free to share your recommendations as well.




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