Sanuk vs. Toms? It’s the new Trend.


Toms for you?; Image Via: Toms.com


Sanuk for you?; Image Via: Sanuk.com

Shoes have always been a personal hobby for everyone. Some people like sandals or flip flops so that their feet feel free. Some collect different cleats or athletic shoes so that they can switch out certain ones for specific events. Others may enjoy just slipping on that comfy pair of loafers, instead of having to go through the whole hassle of tying their shoes up. Perhaps you like laces? I don’t know, but we all have our personal opinion on the style of shoe we enjoy wearing around and what feels most comfortable for us.

Recently, there has been a noticeably big trend in the shoe industry, where some shoe brands have began designing shoes for various needs while maintaining the same shape and style. The two brands that have popped out to me are Sanuk and Toms. If your reading this I’m sure you got a pair of one or the other.These two brands have cut themselves a new niche in the shoe market that has become extremely popular.

If you compare the two shoe brands together you will notice a few details right away. Both do not have shoe laces of any sort in any of their shoe products. These shoes were all built for the comfort and flexibility of  just slipping on a pair of shoes and walking out the door, in one step. No more having to lean over, tighten up the bottom laces, and the whole five minutes it takes to tie your shoes. Slip on your Sanuks or Toms and off you go.

Another noticeable characteristic you will notice between the shoes is their form, or to clear up any confusion.. their style. Taking a quick glance at the shoes and you can easily tell these things aren’t that difficult a shoe to draw up. A first grader always draws up shoes like this every day in art class. Both shoes just look like puffy, round socks that were blown up. Toms tend to be a little rounder all around while the Sanuks go with a slimmer, flatter look. And neither one of these shoes offer much foot support. Summarizing up these characteristics I can distinguish the new trend our generation has come to feel at home with. Simple yet stylish, plain but comfortable.

What do I mean by this?… The new shoe trends that these two shoe companies have set up is pretty basic. People nowadays like the convenience of things done quickly. No strings and slip ons easily answered that. With the basic form many of these shoes now carry, it us up to us to decide how to be creative. The current look is to be creative and stylish in your own way, but still keeping things in a relatively basic form.

Instances of this would be a variety of materials, simple details on top of a solid color, plain colors with a design within the cloth they’re made of, or very commonly just a plain basic color all around.  This is all done while still keeping the same overall design of the shoe.  Look at the mainframe Sanuks and Toms. They all carry the same shape, just changing up the pattern with colors and designs. Some are fluffy inside others are waterproof. There is no distinct feature that makes any of these shoes better than the others, they just all have their own creative ideas imprinted on one basic shoe form.

Both Sanuks and Toms are comfortable and stylish in their own ways. Sanuks tend to attract the more rugged outdoor people who are more active with their feet, but still like the easy entry, comfortable style of shoe. Tom shoes seem to magnetize towards the indie, laid back groups that tend to take things easier all around, but still want a somewhat-stylish looking shoe.

These new types of shoes are really bringing out the creative parts of people in new processes that can change whole overall fashion senses of people. By sticking with environmentally friendliness program and donations towards helpful causes these shoes create only more enlightening images for themselves. It’s going to be interesting to see where this new shoe trend takes us.By the way how are you matching up your Sanuks and Toms these days?




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