The Wild West of China: Yunnan Province

Welcome to the Wild West of China: Yunnan Province

Terraces of Yunnan

Terraces of Yunnan

The Wild West of China: Yunnan Province : Throughout the world are beautiful and tropical places that everyone hopes and dreams to one day visit. What may first come to people’s minds are places such are famous resorts in Mexico,  fascinating reefs around Australia, the jungles throughout South America, and safari trips in Africa. Those indeed are wonderful destinations that would make any trip very exciting. However, if you are in the mood for hidden areas, tucked away within maps that many have not had the chance to travel to or hear about, then listen up. One of these places, that I have had the lucky opportunity of visiting is Yunnan. The province is located deep down in the southwest part of China and has reasons for being known as the Wild West of China.

The province which is located above Vietnam, Burma, and Laos sits with a tropical climate where green terraces and lush forests can be found surrounding you every step of your adventure. Warm weather and daily rainfalls up to a few times a day are nothing out of the norm within the region. Within every region that has climates such as these there are sure to be vacation resorts and hot spots for tourists to hit. Tea is a very well known and highly valued commodity within the region. The province boats some of the most highly regarded teas in the world and develops many  rare flavors you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This is due to the many unique species of plants and spices that grow only within the boundaries of Yunnan. Along with its unique plants/spices, Yunnan contains many rare species and astonishingly beautiful breeds of animals.

The capital of Yunnan, Kunming is a bustling city. As with every capital city there are always things happening and shows occurring every night. Yunnan is one the most culturally mixed regions in all of China containing over 50 types of different minorities from throughout Asia. Due to the high exposure of different cultures the province is submersed with many tourist attractions that showcase the different talents and characteristics of these ancient cultures.

Here are some photos of the epic landscape and scenery the province is known for.

Yunnan Terraces

The province’s green landscape and luscious hills make it second to none. Rice fields, terraces, and hills such as these have been taken care of since the early dynasties. Families pass down the responsibilities of maintaining the beautiful scenery from generation to generation, giving Yunnan its famous natural landmarks.

Hills of Yunnan

Stone forests are an example of the grand, natural beauties that surround the beautiful province. These elegant stones have made a profound impact on the art within the region, making stone gardens and fountains a part of numerous architectural projects within public locations and private housing neighborhoods.

Stone Forest Outside of the capital Kunming

With fifty one of the fifty six identifiable minorities living throughout China, Yunnan is definitely a ethnically diversified region. Dances, foods, and festivals of each of these minorities can be found through the province. Notable tourist locations that are influenced strongly by many of the minorities include Da Li and Li Jiang.

Minority Dance

The Yunnan Snub Nosed Monkey is just one of the many rare and exotic species you may encounter on a trip through Yunnan. Monkey forests surround the ancient landmarks and you may just find one come howling after you. The region contains many other beautiful breeds known only to reside within the province’s borders.

Yunnan Snub Nosed Monkey

Hopefully by getting a quick glimpse of this exotic region of China you may have finally decided upon your next possible travel destination. Yunnan, a country full of natural wonders and rich of unique cultures is a place you will not want to miss.

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