What defines luxury resort? The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Experience the Undersea at Poseidon Undersea Resort

Looking for that one place where no one can say they have ever had a chance to travel to? Try telling them about a trip  Poseidon Undersea Resort. Located off the island of Fiji, this 5,000 are resort presents a new experience for travelers searching for something unique and exciting.

This state of art resort was designed by Bruce Jones and John Anderson. Both are well known personnel within the submarine and aquatic industries. Their idea was to create an Atlantis like atmosphere  with a Jules Vernes type of background where people could enjoy and experience life underwater. In total it would be a total island getaway.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

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70% of the Poseidon structure is made up of acrylic glass. This provides both safety and maintains the stellar views underwater of the Poseidon Resort. The structure includes 22 aquatic pods that sit 40 feet underwater. The image above gives you a feeling of the undersea experience. Above the sea are 48 island bungalows that let you experience life again above. As part of your time underwater visitors also receive the opportunity of using the Triton pod submarines. The Triton pods enable people to coast around to witness the surrounding coral reefs. Either or visitors will be able to experience life of two worlds.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

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The Poseidon Undersea Resort itself includes a highly equipped fitness center and glamorous restaurants like other resorts. On top of that you’ll enjoy a magnificent library and luxurious theater. For the ones who look to celebrate big, a wedding chapel for the special occasions. Those looking for an adventure are also welcome to scuba dive in the beautiful lagoon surrounding the resort. While scuba diving you can discover some of the tunnels that are located throughout the region. The cherry on top is a optional private plane ride over from the Fijian Airport located just a few miles away.

The package is expensive however. A couple looking to spend one week at the resort will need to cough up $30,000. So, if your a traveler looking to spend a little extra cash and to astound your special one with an awesome vacation then look no further than the Poseidon Undersea Resort.

This five star resort offers the chance for a couple to stay two nights underwater in your own unique sub-room where you have the beautiful view of seeing the whole underwater world and a four days above water on your own island villa to enjoy.

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