Intimate 2.0 Project: Transparent Clothing?

 Intimate 2.0 Project: Transparent Clothing?

Intimate Project 2.0 Via: Studio Roosegaarde

Intimate Project 2.0; Image Via: Studio Roosegaarde

Is transparent clothing going to make it into the fashion world? Apparently, Dutch designer  Daan Roosegaarde has infused technology with fashion to create a new sense of fashion. The new technology that has been incorporated into the initial leather dress design concept changes in connection to the arousal levels of the person wearing the dress. From your heartbeat to emotional levels, the dress will be able to detect any change in relation to your arousal levels. Does this seem like an attractive option and new intriguing fashion item to females? It is an interesting idea and something that could start up a new wave of fashion and technology combinations.

The Intimate 2.0 Project has already won numerous designs including the Dutch Design Award and China’s Most Successful Design Award. Eventually, the designer plans to increase the options into more apparel options for women and into men’s clothing lines as well. For some this could be seen as a special occasion item or become perhaps a new everyday trend to wear around. We’ll see how this does if large apparel companies buy into the idea and start producing mass quantities. 

Intimate 2.0 Project Via: Studio Roosegaarde

Intimate 2.0 Project; Image Via: Studio Roosegaarde


Intimacy 2.0 Interactive fashion by Studio Roosegaarde from Daan Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

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