Nordstrom Management Internship Summer 2013

Nordstroms Management Internship

Nordstroms Internship Image Via: Flickr

Since I started working at Nordstrom as an intern I have come across many great brands that I had never heard of before. Many are beyond my current budget, but there are definitely so many brands out there that are of both great quality and design. This internship that Nordstrom provides puts you right into the fashion and apparel world. As an intern of the Mens Sportswear department, there are many different types of fits and styles that the department offers. I have learned everything from the loose fitting, casual style of the Tommy Bahamas to the extremely slim cut, yet very stylish products made by Rag & Bone. As I have been on this internship for a few weeks now, I have definitely noticed that the customers that come to shop here are also very in touch with the most current trends. This only makes you as a salesperson and apparel specialist that much more aware of the constant amount of product knowledge you have to maintain to be successful. It’s interesting to see how every different customer you help has different style preferences and brands that  they feel fits them best. Some of the many brands that I have found to be top extremely popular include Peter Millar, Facconable, Hugo Boss, Burberry, and AJ denims.

As an intern you try to be as big a sponge as you can trying to soak in the massive amounts of information you learn about every day and skill sets needed to be a successful manager. I have learned much from my manager on how to display items, selling characteristics of each brand, leadership qualities to showcase, inventory management, and customer engagement which is essential at Nordstrom. With the Anniversary sale coming up, there is new items coming in every day and I will soon be learning about the preparation process my managers go through in order to have the most successful sale.

Though this is very random of me to post my own experiences on my blog I will definitely share some of the characteristics and unique traits of each brand I learn about. There will be plenty to come and I will try to share with you as much personal knowledge about each brand and distinguishing information that other’s may not have shared. Stay tuned and check out the Nordstrom management internship for yourself!

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