Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II – A New Face

The All New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II; Image Via: New York Times

Every original version needs an updated facelift at some time. Ninety-eight years after the original Chuck Taylor was released, Converse finally decided that something needed changing. What could possibly need changing on the Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars? For all those who own a pair of Converse (if you don’t you probably should), the shoe has become a staple of everyones shoe wardrobe. With a shoe that supposedly sells a a couple pairs every second, how could Converse improve upon their already best seller?

So What Changed?

The biggest overall impacts of the new redesign seem to have to do with comfort and upgrade on new materials. Being part of Nike definitely has its benefits. Thus, Converse decided to incorporate the famous Lunarlon insole into the updated the Chuck Taylor All Star II. The Lunarlon insole is basically just an extra gel based foam cushion, with the marketing material plastered on top of it. However, people should notice an increased comfort level within the insole as it is a step up from the past insoles used by Converse. Looking for a little more arch support? I think you’re covered now.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II; Image Via: Kicks On Fire

The original canvas material of the Chuck Taylor’s has also been refreshed with a new Tencel canvas. The new fabric is much more durable than the previous versions, provides better structure support, but will take longer to break in. Something people familiar with the original All Stars may have to get used to. With the new canvas material also comes an inner perforated and a micro-suede lining. Thus improving the breathability and once again increased comfort.

Forget Tongue Slippage

For those who’ve owned countless pairs of Chucks, you’re probably all too familiar with the famous slippage of the shoe tongue. Remember walking ten steps and then having to readjust the tongue in place again. No more of that nonsense. The new non-slip tongue fixes the issues with a little extra padding and elastic tabs on the sides to keep it positioned. Even the iconic All Star patch has been updated with an ironed on, stitching aesthetic to compliment the new look.

With both the low-tops and high-tops being updated, this is the turning point of the century for the shoe. While being currently sold out at most places that got first batches you should be able to snag’ em soon at the new juicy $70-$75 price range. Get in line for your new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II people.


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