Footwear Marketing Ads – November 2016

November Footwear Marketing Ads

Tod’s – Italian Notes

Here’s the latest roundup of footwear marketing video ads from October and November. These last couple month we’ve seen a few brands bring out some new collaborations and story campaigns. Tod’s continues with its Notes campaign on releasing marketing material with a city and shoe connection. This one happens to be Rome, although they do have a list of videos for other major cities throughout Europe. It is only fitting that they have one for Rome right? In case you’re in Rome, Tod’s seems to believe that their driving bit loafers and boots are the perfect combinations to wear. I don’t think I would disagree with them there.

Danner Boots – Keeping the Light On

On the more rugged end of the shoe style spectrum, Danner boots recently experienced great media attention with its Bond boot being worn by Mr. Bond himself in the new Spectre film. Check out my recent post on the official Danner Light Boot II here. The company also released a video sharing its deep Portland history and strong continuing heritage of every shoe being handmade in the United States. It’s definitely a lost tradition with over 97% of shoes being made in China today.

Sperry + Quoddy Collaboration

Sperry has recently released a new collaboration effort with Quoddy, the classic shoemakers out of Maine on a limited set of five shoe models. Only 500 pairs are being hand crafted in Maine and are being retailed at select retail outlets. With the leather upper being your typical Sperry boat shoe and the durable crepe-stitched outsole being supplied by Quoddy it looks to be a great step-up from your typical boat shoe. As with all collaborations and limited releases, check out the link before you miss out on your own pair.

Cover Photo Via: Sperry.com

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