Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer Shoe Review

The Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

Should you buy the Ferragamo Regal bit Loafer?

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

Well I finally decided to pick up my first pair of Ferragamo loafers, this one being the Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer. The iconic Italian-made footwear label known for their variety of mens loafers and dress shoes continues to be a staple among men’s footwear wardrobes. After looking at the well-known cartoony logo hundreds of times I felt it was time to test a pair out. However, after my first experience with the brand I will leave that up for debate as to whether I will add a second pair.

Ferragamo Regal Bit loafer

One of the first details I enjoyed of the Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer was the very crisp silhouette. With a nicely angled apron table and pebbled leather finish the shoe looks like the real deal. Unlike many European dress shoe brands and other Ferragamo shoes, the toe box on the Regal Bit Loafer is a nice in between. Not too narrow nor too chiseled. I bought a 9D and the sizing is accurate.

That Classic Italian Loafer Look

When you first experience the shoe first-hand you will notice that the leather is indeed very soft and will probably fit comfortably instantly. The stitching on the shoe had no imperfections and the sole of the shoe has a nice curve to it, giving your foot the extra bounce with each step. Many will appreciate the nice rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe making it more comfortable to stand around in all day. The bit loafer also nicely blends in with the design with the signature Ferragamo logo emblazoned across the middle piece. I did enjoy the subtle touch with the side pieces being black and the the middle piece being silver.

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

When you first slip into the shoe you will notice the added in padding or the insole. Many dress shoes such as Allen Edmonds will have a very stiff insole or hardly any extra padding built in within. This is much appreciated. As soon as I slipped on my right side however, the comfort became a different story.

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

With all my other leather dress shoes I have never had any issues with my instep being too high to where it has made it uncomfortable to walk in. I instantly noticed that the slope of the upper part of the shoe is angled much lower to where it put a decent amount of pressure onto the my instep. It was basically where the Gancini metal hardware sits. I figured with my right foot being slightly bigger that this will possibly stretch out over time.

Fast forward two weeks and two visits to the shoe stretcher, it is still painful. I have worn them probably 3-4 times now and dread wearing the shoes later in the afternoon. My feet usually have a nice red imprint on my instep from where it has had to endure the suffering. I am keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps one more visit to the stretch doctor and the pain will disappear.

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

Final Thoughts On the Ferragamo Regal Big Loafer

Since this is my first pair of Ferragamo shoes I can not speak from experience if all Ferragamo shoes. The Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer could be the only one cut low on the instep. Others I have tried on have seemed to fit narrower and cut lower around the instep. My guess is that Ferragamo is for the narrow flat-footed individual. Many other Ferragamo dress loafers tend to have a chiseled toe which also usually indicates a narrower fit. The width felt just slightly tight on my right foot, but nothing compared to the snugness on the instep area.

I do really enjoy the design of the shoe and the pebbled leather appearance. If you do enjoy pebbled leather shoes, read my review on the Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoe. To make these shoes fit better I will try wearing them to work occasionally and do continual stretching. If they do end up fitting better then perhaps another Ferragamo will later be in play within my shoe wardrobe. And that’s the Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer.



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