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Buscemi Sneakers Flying Off Shelves

The Golden Padlocks

Buscemi Sneakers

What looks like any ordinary hightop sneaker that someone might find at their local outlet mall will quickly find themselves completely wrong when comparing with the Buscemi Sneakers line. Based off the golden padlock design and limited exclusivity, the Buscemi sneakers have established themselves in an interesting spot. In a spot that has proven successful thus far.

Joe Buscemi of Buscemi Sneakers

Joe Buscemi of Buscemi Sneakers Image Via: Cultedge.com

Joe Buscemi, a former Wall Street stockbroker and now co-founder of Buscemi had a straight forward goal in mind when the sneaker line came about. Providing exclusive, high-end sneakers within a limited production based unit strategy. The  ideal business idea resulted from the Hermes Birkin Bag. A purse that Hermes does not publicly sell and sold only to select customers. Why not bring the whole ideology to sneakers?

With a special 18 carat gold padlock/key design theme incorporated about the shoe and Made in Italy stamp on the shoe tongue, Buscemi sneakers have had no trouble finding a new home quickly. Quickly finding new homes in a matter of a couple days at all the specially designated retailers. At a hefty starting price range of $750, Buscemi are not for the everyday consumer to pick up, and nor were they intended for many people to have in general. Buscemi’s first production run was only 600 units, 200 per each of the three colors introduced. All sold instantly.

Buscemi Sneakers

Classic Buscemi Sneakers; Image Via: Waitfashion.com

Joe Buscemi acknowledges that the shoes have a price point for a number of reasons. This includes using some of the best tanneries in Italy to source the shoes production from. Civitanova, Italy the location where Buscemi shoes are brought to life also produces for Chanel. Buscemi also only offers its shoes to select retailers, where its high price point is reflective of the atmosphere with other luxury sneakers and high-spending consumers on the lookout for the new trend shoe.  Saks Fifth Ave, Barney’s, and Neiman Marcus are on this list of designated US retailers.

Buscemi Sneakers

Buscemi Sneakers; TheShoeGame.com

Celebrity endorsements have also helped Buscemi sneakers gain a quicker following and public awareness. P.Diddy, Justin Beiber, 2 Chainz, and Swizz Beatz are among the list of celebrities who have fallen for the shoes.

Buscemi recently released 4,000 pairs of the gold padlocked sneakers to exclusive retailers this past January only to sell out again. The company is planning another release of 8,000 pairs to 50 retailers soon. More retailers and products have since been added into the mix. The company has also integrated some creative marketing into the mix with some eye-catching billboards.

The company is on an interesting path and definitely has found its niche to be successful. Think Buscemi shoes will hold up?

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