Fashion Marketing Video Ads – July

Fashion Marketing Video Ads

NikeLab x Sacai

NikeLab always produces some interesting and creative concepts that branch off from the main division of Nike’s main focus of sportswear. This time NikeLab teams up with contemporary label Sacai, a Japanese designer label headed by Chitose Abe. Designed strictly for women this upcoming summer 2015 release incorporates some new designs such as a mesh lace hem, a tech fleece, and bonded zippers that are done without stitching. The new modern silhouette definitely is something bold and unusual to see from Nike. The collaboration also unveils the NikeLab Air Max 90 series, an updated slip-on take of the Air Max silhouette and being fully constructed from leather. To me the whole concept looks like fairies dancing around in some fancy Nike running gear, but we’ll see just how this collaboration turns out.

Ferragamo: Escape – Made to Order Drivers

A new focus around a distinct lifestyle has seemed to be surfacing with many shoe brands extending their product lines to including apparel and accessories. Ferragamo’s second installment of the A Man’s Story online series is a prime example of this new extension and with it this time comes the addition of Ferragamo’s recently launched Made-To-Order Driver program. With a slew of celebrities including Soundcloud founder Alexander Ljung, Mathias Lauda, and Johannes Huebl, Ferragamo is looking to give customers a streamline of options to come shop at Ferragamo for.

Oliver Sweeney: Indetail Sweeney Tattoo

Men’s shoes are making a resurgence and with it has come the ability to personalize items to better represent certain individuals. Oliver Sweeney recently released a new tattoo service where they can ink on any of their leather shoes with designs, inspirations, and emblems to your exact specifications. With their personal recommendation of a tan leather shoe, the Oliver Sweeney Tattoo service starts £25 for simple designs and goes up for more complex projects. With the ability to order directly online or go in store for a tattooed shoe, Oliver Sweeney has found a nice little niche in the men’s shoes market.


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