Wereldmuseum: World of Manga Exhibit

The Wereldmuseum: The World of Manga Exhibit

Have you ever wondered what the background or inspiration of manga came from? Where did manga artists generate ideas and develop some of the most internationally recognizable faces of manga books and shows? Attending the World of Manga Exhibit within The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam helped me connect the dots to many of these questions.

I visited the gallery in late August and found it really fascinating surprisingly. I was expecting the exhibit to just have a bunch of anime collectible toys, basic art, and magazines, like a pop-up shop. I was wrong. The exhibit actually went really in depth and explained the history behind many of the popular shows and where the artists gained their inspiration. Popular names such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Ghost In the Shell all had their own individual rooms to showcase their background. Many manga story lines really try to connect with actual past historical wars and retell the story from different viewpoints within the manga version. The exhibit also showcases some actual historical artifacts of Asian gods from different religions throughout Asia that many manga characters are based off of.

If you are in the Rotterdam area, I would definitely take a moment to check this exhibit out as it really comes out more from an educational perspective in giving you another side of the manga story.

For more info check out the direct museum sight: The Wereldmuseum 

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