Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review

Step it Up with the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review

The Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker. From Camouflage to Color Statements.

I’ve lately been adding and upgrading to my already extensive collection of shoes. Something my friends and family think I always have a problem with. However, as many shoe enthusiasts will say, it’s never a bad problem and that there’s always room for a new pair of shoes. Im definitely guilty of this and my latest splurge was on the Valentino Rockrunnner Sneaker.

Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review

As with many of the Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers released, these incorporated an original camouflage print with splendid color pops on the back heel. What caught my eye the most, were the catchy but toned down silhouette of the front part of the shoe and still distinguishable heel colors that gave it just the right amount of pop. I’m not one to usually select the loudest colors out there, so this is definitely a rarity for me. However, not owning any green in my footwear collection and paired with the beautiful overall design of the shoe made these a necessity.

Most will probably find my color combination listed under the green/pink attribute. As I’ve just started to wear the sneakers around, I will give you my first thoughts on the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review.

Initial Impression of the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker

These shoes are loud in their ways as mentioned earlier. When scanning the internet, you will notice there’s an assortment of color choices and camouflage designs. Some of the options definitely scream “look at me”, while others bring a more relaxed, yet stylish feel to the popular sneaker. Wear what speaks to you the most. I would describe my selection process as a combination of three parts. This incorporates styles that speak to my personality, can be paired within my wardrobe, and bring a different role to my current footwear collection.

The olive hue camouflage and burgundy heel connected with me instantly when I first saw them online. I do love burgundy as a color and the way that this sneaker sort of tucked it into the heel was unique. The pink heel counter above the suede, burgundy heel was what I had to process at first. How in the world would this pinkish heel counter look with everything I own? Sometimes you just need to take a risk with something unusual and that’s what I came to conclude on the random pink heel.

Valentino Rockrunner Pink Heel

One trait about the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker is the mix of textiles and materials throughout the shoe. This has everything from suede, leather, canvas, and rubber all incorporated differently. The leather is strategically thought out on placement and the surface differences of the leather gives it that luxury feeling.

Details and Further Inspection of the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker

Valentino really nails it on the camouflage color combinations and how it keeps the eye engaged all-around the shoe. There’s nothing boring about it and keeps people looking at the shoe for longer periods. The classic Valentino Rockstuds are also located in a prime location to give the shoe its designer moment. I really liked how they kept the Rockstuds on my pair burgundy with the heel as it gave it a cool, layered effect. Smooth leather pink heel counter, rich burgundy suede, classic Valentino Rockstuds, to a black, rubber sole.

Valentino Rockstud Heel

Though Valentino can have its logo mania moments, they kept it simple on the branding with the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker. All that is logo-esque is the ribbon on the tongue that elegantly scribbles out Valentino Garavani. One of my favorite parts about the shoe it the smooth leather edging that encompasses around the bottom of the toe box. It’s noticeable and makes the shoe look very clean from the front. How Valentino used suede for the rest of the olive color inclusion fits very well with the rest of the shoe. The olive laces are a little long, but seem like they will hold up well. Valentino also gives you an extra pair within the box. Overall, from a design process these shoes are obviously on point.

Valentino Logo

Comfort and Sizing

Most designer shoes out there usually have a leather, terry cloth, or suede in-liner. These have a mesh material which you usually see in many athletic footwear brands. Once you put the Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers on however, you immediately notice comfortable your feet are. You definitely notice the extra cushion given from the mesh and with the material should bring more breathability. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I have wider feet and the Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers surprisingly felt great on the width. Most designer brands run on the narrower end so this was a great relief. Another designer sneaker that fits wide is the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker, which I also wrote a review about.

Valentino Camo Print

For the few times I’ve worn them they’ve felt great. The EVA footbed gives you a little impact support and cushion boost. I didn’t notice any discomfort in these as some sneakers will usually catch up to your pinky toe after a while. Two thumbs up on the comfort level.

As for sizing, these only did whole sizes and i usually stick with a 42. Some models do have half sizes, but for this review if you’re a true 42 then stick with in. Mine has just a smidge of room in the toe and as mentioned, the width felt great. I am not sure why certain models have half sizes and others don’t.

Camo Print

Styling and Last Minute Considerations

With this shoe being a bit busy to begin with, I would definitely stick to solid colors or material prints. Too many patterns and other colors would be a little too clashy. As for apparel, these look great with darker chinos and denim. If you were to go out for the evening or looking to dress up an outfit, the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker would definitely give the outfit a boost. Skip the Nikes or adidas if you want to showcase your fashion cred without being ostentatious. Once you have these on, you’ll be in the mindset of how to build the outfit around your shoes.

One other small detail that I appreciated about the Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers are the rounded out back heel. Just in case you do tend to wear one side of your shoe heel more these sneakers will alleviate that issue. The back part basically curves up and around which will reduce the visibility of any wear on the heel. All the small things matter.

Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review

Wrap Up of Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker Review

I love these Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers. From the design silhouette to how versatile these can be with outfits, the Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker should at some point find a home within your shoe wardrobe. Pick a camouflage print or color silhouette that speaks to you and they’ll become a heavy part of your footwear rotation.


Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker, $695

Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker, $795

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