adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

My adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

The  SS19 Footwear Collaboration of Raf Simons and adidas

My Pickup: The adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Conquest Super

adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

I decided to pick up a pair of Stan Smiths finally, but not one of the original mass produced ones that everybody rocks. Buying collaborations are about the individualistic and limited-release mindset that give one just a little more pep within each step. You know what you’re rocking and sneakerheads will appreciate it too. This round I specifically picked up the updated version of the original Torsion Conquest Super. It was the set of colorways that caught my eye and helped me decide from the quintet release. This release from Raf Simons SS19 release encompassed many originals including the Samba, Peachtree, LA Trainer, and the Micro Stan As such you can see that Raf Simons dug into the ol’ adidas archives to work with some classic styles and get them updated with 2019 a bit. Lets get into the adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review.

Raf Simons has been working his collaborations with adidas for a while now and each release always incorporate some style of artistic elements. This round Raf Simons tuned up the retro adidas kicks with the Trompe-l’oiel art technique, giving us a three dimensional effect within the shoes. In French the translation comes out to “deceive the eye”, definitely something you can see the connection to when you get a first glimpse of the shoes. Well now that we have a slight explantation on this exciting release lets check out the shoe itself.

Initial Impression of adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Smiths

I thought these kicks were sweet right out of the box. The packaging was very minimalistic, with a designer-esque feel to it and extra thought put into the small details within. The entire package is coated black with glossy elements speckled about giving it a mysterious angle. The colors of the colorway seemed exactly like the photos online, with all the details looking even crispier. You can definitely see from the pictures all the small touches of the shoe that Raf Simons redesigned and imagined through his vision of the shoe. Some reviews had mentioned distressed effects being noticeable on the shoe, but they’re hardly noticeable on this model. If anything it’s just the printing finish on top of the leather to try and give it a vintage, texturized effect. However, I think most people will feel satisfied the selection resembles what they saw online.

Details and Deeper Thoughts of the Stan Smiths

This is basically a review of Stan Smiths as well. This is the shoe just with higher quality materials and design elements from Raf Simons. I really like all the details that Raf Simons took upon reimagining the shoe with the original takes and futuristic elements combined. The spray painted logo on the back heel gives some subtle attention to the heel and the classic emblazonment of the logos gives it a high-end feel. The leather used on the upper and interior lining is buttery smooth making the shoe really comfortable. The leather feels exactly like the Gucci Bee Sneaker if you’ve tried that on in person. The printing on the leather is quality and helps you better understand the vision of Raf with this collection.

adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

The signature, perforated R is on the both sides of both shoes. It is tough to see with the black adidas stripes underneath it and extra minutiae in the area. One of my favorite parts of the shoe are definitely the shoe tongues. Contrasting face silhouettes of Stan Smith and Raf Simons on each shoe makes one want to analyze the shoe even more. The multicolor undertone really give the shoes an artistic feel as well. The main mustard, yellow hue tone of the bottom sole compliments the grey tones of the shoe really well.

Raf Simons logo

Comfort Levels

I can see why people like the Stan Smiths. They’re comfortable and I could imagine so even with different upper materials. It’s not a narrow shoe either so people will find comfort in the wider toe box. The interior also has some mesh-lining for breathability ( I believe most Stan Smiths incorporate this). It’s also light, not super-light when comparing to some other shoes out there, but good for all-day walking. Some people may not like the flatness, but its a casual sneaker so not exactly an emphasis to give the most foot support.

adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

My Holdbacks on the adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

So after wearing these shoes around for a bit, a couple thoughts creeped into my overall evaluation. One, I’m not really a fan of the tongue structure. It somehow feels longer to where it hits on the upper part of your instep wrong. I don’t think this is really a huge turn-off for me, but for some reasons it was more noticeable with these Stan Smiths. It also just doesn’t seem to position my feet in as well as some other sneakers do. Even with the shoes laced up tighter, my foot still didn’t feel like it 100% correctly. I could possibly try going down even smaller, but I just think it’s part of the leather pattern cutout of the shoe.

adidas by Raf Simons

My other callout, which I think would’ve elevated these up a level and created a more luxurious feel would be the materials. The three-dimensional take on these shoes is creative and original. However, I believe if the shoes utilized a blend of leathers, specifically suede they could’ve really made these shoes stand out even more. These shoes feel like they were almost there and just didn’t give me the whole piece I think they could’ve been. There was a lot of untapped potential.

Wrap Up of the adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review

I believe the inspiration behind the adidas by Raf Simons for SS19 was creative and brought about artistic elements to these retro adidas. It was a nice combination of well-thought out design inspirations and silhouettes to blend. I will say Stan Smiths are very comfortable shoes and will probably pick up a pair at some point. However, this specific pair of adidas by Raf Simons left more to be desired from as I was initially very excited. I believe others will find them a great addition to their adidas collections, but I will have to pass on this round.

adidas Torsion Conquest

If you have any comments or thoughts on the adidas by Raf Simons Torsion Stan Review, I would love to hear the feedback!


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