Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost

What are the Top 5 Differences of the Boost Shoes?

Comparing the Popular adidas Ultraboost vs. Pureboost

Adidas continues to chip away larger chunks of the athletic footwear market from Nike and Under Armour. Part of this can be referenced to adidas’s expanding lineups of different models and lifestyle choices for customers to choose from. The whole Boost line itself has been a game-changer for adidas giving the company an immensely solid foundation to build from. I decided to compare two of my adidas, the adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Bronze and adidas Pureboost Go. Both are great shoes, but each has its pros and cons. Here is the “Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost” comparison review.

Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost

1. Sole Differences

One of the major differences, especially in the price point differentiation is the sole technology used for each of the shoes. The adidas Ultraboost which is my go-to for a number of activities has the Continential rubber sole. It’s basically tire technology from Continental A.G. (German Tire Company) that adidas sources for some of their focus lines. This Continental rubber sole has made a tremendous difference for me on everything from jogging in the mountains and to gym activities. It gives much better grip, traction, and stability all around compared to other athletic footwear I’ve owned.

adidas sole comparisons

The sole of the adidas Pureboost is softer and more squishy. For an athletic shoe, the adidas Pureboost I believe still does its job. However, it’s really in a completely different ballpark in terms of overall performance. If you have the money to spend on a better sole with Continental technology go for it.

2. Upper Design

Among the “Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost” comparison, this will probably be one of the more noticeable. If you own a pair of each line then you’ll already know how different the two uppers are. The adidas Ultraboost incorporates the Primeknit technology which is basically just a more flexible and durable weave pattern. The adidas Pureboost uses the Circular Knit technology that isn’t quite as flexible as the Primeknit. However, it is a tougher weave which will help with keeping the foot stabilized better since it has less structural components than the Ultraboost.

adidas boost shoes

The adidas Ultraboost also utilizes the “cage” design which is usually a TPU based material that gives a more advanced lacing system around the mid-part of the shoe. My adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Bronze have leather built in within. The cage system definitely feels like your foot is more supported than the Pureboost in this sense. The heel counters of the Ultraboost is also much more secure and padded than the Pureboost. Depending on what you are using these shoes for, each wearer will appreciate the shoes to different levels.

3. Ease of Slipping on and off

The adidas Pureboost has an all in one upper design with the tongue being all part of the upper. For convenience of getting the shoe on and off this definitely is a bit more of a hassle. The slip on functionality is just not quite there as it is with the Ultraboost line. I think this can also be linked to the Primeknit upper that the Ultraboost lines utilizes in being a stronger flex material.

adidas pure boost and ultra boost heels

The adidas Ultraboost also has a better handle on the heel to hold onto for a stronger grip when switching shoes. As you’ll see it’s almost like a tail dangling off the very top off the heel area of the upper. This has made a tremendous impact in making this shoe so much easier to slip on. The adidas Pureboost doesn’t have any type of strong heel counter built within or heel tab to grab onto. As the adidas Pureboost is already more a pain to get on, having the tail gripper doesn’t make life any easier within this scenario. It’s a no contest here with the adidas Ultraboost.

4. Performance Differences

This is going to be a debatable section as people all have different styles of how they function with their shoes. Some will be looking for the advanced components within the buying decision while others will just find what’s comfortable to their own foot. In terms of what adidas incorporated into each shoe line, the adidas Ultraboost definitely has more tangible features. The adidas Ultraboost contains the Torsion System technology to give better arch support and utilizes the cage design for more all around stability. The Primeknit Upper will be a big factor for many people as well and all around just utilizes the best technology adidas has to offer.

adidas front view of ultra boost and pure boost

The adidas Pureboost is just a notch down on technology adaptions given by adidas. There is no Torsion System technology and doesn’t have the Continental Sole technology. However, what people may appreciate is a wider footbed design and overall lightness from not utilizing all the other components. Some will also mention than the Circular Knit weave of the adidas Pureboost is more breathable and doesn’t feel as warm as the Ultraboost when being worn. In terms of performance usage scenarios, Ultraboosts have been known as the shoe for the runner and long distance activity focused athlete. The adidas Pureboost has been known for more lateral movement activities, gym, and shorter runs.

5. Money, Money, Money

This in the end can be the biggest difference maker of anything! Are you willing to pay $200 plus for an adidas Ultraboost or like I did on my adidas Pureboost ($60) find a smoking deal and go for the less advanced shoe? Both are great shoes and will no doubt perform for what you intend to use them for. One just offers the fancier components and the other breaks it down to the bare essentials for optimized performance. I definitely prefer the adidas Ultraboost in terms of overall comfort and aesthetics. However, the adidas Pureboost offers its’ features that may fit in perfectly for somebody else’s needs. Let’s hear your opinions on the Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost comparison review!

Top 5 Differences of adidas Ultraboost and Pureboost


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