Have You Ever Caught the Travel Bug?

This Time Was the European Travel Bug

That darn travel bug. Once you have the opportunity to travel for an extended period or travel to numerous locations, you catch the travel bug. Traveling is one of the greatest activities in life that you can be doing. There are just so many positives factors about it and can influence you in a variety of ways.

If you look at the where the world stands today, there are 196 countries that formally recognized. Just think about how many different types of people you can meet out there of different cultures and backgrounds. How many places out there that you can possibly venture out to and discover?

I have made some of the greatest friends just from either studying abroad or meeting them in some far out country. There are also so many unique cultures and immense histories of these countries. It’s crazy to think how long some of these places have actually been around. I had the fortunate opportunity of being able to visit 15 different countries my last study abroad in Prague. To witness some of these regions was incredible.

From Portugal in the far west of Europe to Istanbul on the far east, dramatically different cultures and sites you’ll never forget. You get the feeling that you could see yourself living in some of these places and seeing yourself establishing a residence there for a while…..just some food for thought. It’s something I always daydream about and hopefully will be able to do that some day.

I just want to live in as many different countries as possible. Once you get the travel bug and you will always have it. The following were some of my favorite cities where I greatly enjoyed, are fascinating cities, and places I could see myself posting up at sometime. Any idea where they are?

Anson Zong-Liscum

Lots of things interest me in this complex world. The things that have the biggest influence on my life however would be the creative world of fashion, mesmerizing art, the life-changing effects of traveling, the global world of cultural connections, and the way marketing effects all of us. It's an interesting world out there. Hit me up if you live in my world.

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