Inspirational Fashion Videos Part 4

Inspirational Fashion Videos Part 4

Where did I find my inspiration for fashion at? After spending a whole semester in Europe I became acquainted with a whole new selection of brands that didn’t have physical selections within the US. Obviously, the internet is there but it’s hard to come across every single brand out there and see what they are physically like in person.

I came across River Island in Amsterdam and really liked what they have to offer. I then came across this inspirational fashion video they made and it made me think of when I walked in their store in Amsterdam to buy some new boots. Hopefully, they become more involved in the states soon. However, that’s just one of the many brands and stores I came across while traveling throughout Europe. You learn and discover new knowledge every day. Isn’t it great?

As well are thrown in some other videos showing the delicacy of the craftsmanship involved with some other unique brands out there such as Superior and American Apparel. The American Apparel one is quite interesting since its the factory production process from start to finish. Quite interesting to see the beginning to finished product. Enjoy!

Anson Zong-Liscum

Lots of things interest me in this complex world. The things that have the biggest influence on my life however would be the creative world of fashion, mesmerizing art, the life-changing effects of traveling, the global world of cultural connections, and the way marketing effects all of us. It's an interesting world out there. Hit me up if you live in my world.