Prada Penny Loafer Review: Classic Toblac

Subtle Design, Continual Tweaks: Prada Penny Loafer

Get to Meet the Toblac

Prada Penny Loafer

Prada continues to elevates its shoe game and this year’s releases uphold the same commitment. From the Comic line releases of this upcoming season to the sportier Prada Linea Rossa lines, Prada continues to release spectacular options. The men’s shoe lines continue to release trendy options to keep up with competitors, but also stay close to the roots of men’s footwear with classic styles. This includes the Prada Penny Loafer, a style that men have had for generations and is a staple for every man’s footwear wardrobe. I snagged a pair of Prada Penny Loafers, the Toblac to be exact and share my thoughts on the shoe.

As with any online purchase, you know you’re taking a chance based off of the photos presented in front of you. With shoes that can always be tricky. Perhaps the color hue is slightly different, or the material doesn’t look as good as the picture, or maybe it was the overall design silhouette that was off. I took a chance wondering if the toe bed would be too-rounded to where it didn’t fit the expectations I had.

Superb Quality

Prada Penny Loafer

As with any designer brand shoe with a high price point, the quality should be top-notch. The Prada Penny Loafer did not disappoint. When I first slipped on the Toblac loafer I wished every piece of shoe leather could be this soft. The leather is finished so well that I don’t believe you could get creasing in the toe bed. It’s a shoe that will probably look the same way as you bought it if you took care of it.

A Design Tuned Down to the Most Basic of Shapes

Penny loafer’s these days take on a number of twists, from signature cutouts on the cross strap leather to the overall design the brand envisions. For the most part though, you will see a rounded cutout in the middle of the leather crossing the toe bed. (If you have a moment, I would definitely recommend looking at the history behind the Penny Loafer.) Prada has multiple styles that they’ve released, but for the Toblac decided to keep to the simplest of forms. No classic cutout, no leather sole, no defined toe box. The particular Prada Penny Loafer is updated with the best of materials, but not so in tune with the design process.

Prada Penny Loafer

The shoe from the side would probably pass for many as an ordinary dress black loafer. A little different in the heel, sleek cut out angle of the instep and a signature designer logo emblazoned on the front of a shoe. Taking a top view as if you were to look down at you’re own feet you may cringe. It’s probably what most these days would say is a grandpa shoe or old man shoe. The toe box is curved to the roundest of proportions and the fit is super wide. The  Prada Toblac Penny Loafer to me would belong within the realm of Ecco’s dressiest men shoe line. It’s built for comfort, but with an overall 10% thought process put into the design.

No Arguing with the Comfort

As mentioned in my thoughts above, the shoe is very comfortable. The leather upper is great and the insole is super soft. There is even a sliver of microfibre foam inserted just below the instep on the inside lining of the shoe. That layer of microfibre material actually engulfs the sides of the inside lining which should help with breathability. I also liked the thought put into the heel with the cushioned support to prevent slippage. If I were to buy even one size smaller it would probably fit just right.

Prada Penny Loafer

I actually really enjoyed the flat rubber sole design. Many Penny Loafers usually entail a block heel and curved out footbed. This pebbled rubber sole feels like it would take you a trip throughout Europe with no problem. In the end it will probably still hold its shape. It also gives it a slightly sleeker look to fit in the mold of modern shoe designs these days. Some of you may have seen the Prada Toblak Penny Loafer, which has a slightly sportier silhouette. The Toblak varies with a more rounded bottom sole, classic Penny Loafer cutout, and different heel.

Prada Penny Loafer

Still Love Prada Shoes

Prada Penny Loafer

I have other Prada shoes in my collection and I run them into my weekly rotation for work. Every now and then you have to experiment with new shoes designs and give them a test. I think this is what Prada was probably going with this and may have even possibly targeted a very selective consumer group for this shoe. If that was the case I just happened to purchase the wrong shoe and will keep my eye out for the many other great Prada Penny Loafer styles out there.

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