Inspirational Fashion Videos Part 5

There are always designers coming out with new inspirational ideas and designs that reflect the creative mind within them. I’ve come across a few English designers recently who showcase that whole spirit and process behind all their fashion pieces. As we all know England is a fashion mecca and it’s amazing to see how they have continued with that legacy and tradition till today, by still putting out so many inspirational fashion pieces. The following were some videos I discovered upon that include Duncan Keith, Paul Smith, and Orlear Brown. It’s really interesting to see how each one of them sees a product or design that they feel they can attract people with. From the stitching techniques used by Orlear Brown in producing their swim trunks to the suit patterns that Duncan Keith helps customize for gentleman looking for their personal taste in a suit. Each is unique and fascinating in their own path on how strive to make their own difference in fashion and what niche area they aim to succeed in.

Duncan Quinn_Fashion Designer_The Creative Influence: Ep. 6 from THE CREATIVE INFLUENCE on Vimeo.

Anson Zong-Liscum

Lots of things interest me in this complex world. The things that have the biggest influence on my life however would be the creative world of fashion, mesmerizing art, the life-changing effects of traveling, the global world of cultural connections, and the way marketing effects all of us. It's an interesting world out there. Hit me up if you live in my world.

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