Emploom Lists: Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

What Have Been the Most Eye-Catching Mens Shoes This Year?

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017 Will Definitely Make Eyebrows Raise

Every season designers release their newest styles on the runways hoping it will become the next “it” shoe. There are always mind-boggling designers out there who make you wonder what it is they’re trying to sell. Some of them are just out there and other’s are probably just to make some headlines. But remember there is always a customer willing to buy. The Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017 definitely has a nice collection this year. The year isn’t over yet, but these are some of the latest trends that have released Here’s to some of the most bizarre styles to come out and some styles that seem to be really influencing others.

Gucci Makes a Statement

Gucci came out with some really good stuff this year. From the different bug-loaded footwear to Daffy Duck taking over high-tops, I’ve really enjoyed Gucci”s mens shoe releases. As always though there are the random odd-balls. Gucci decided to take some different takes on laces and buckles. These are the two I’m curious to see how they’ll perform.

Embroidered Leather Shoe with Ankle Strap

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Gucci Embroidered Ankle Strap Shoe: Image Via: Gucci.com

It looks like we’re going to roll the dice here and think that women’s-wear is going to be the next big trend with men’s shoes. I know that menswear has been popular within the women’s footwear world, but this I’m not buying. The Gucci Embroidered Ankle Strap shoe is definitely one of the eyebrow raisers in people thinking it was probably put in the wrong catalog. I just don’t think a thin ankle strap and ruffles are going to fly with men quite yet…or ever. To me it just does too much to the classic oxford men are used to and perhaps just changes the entire silhouette of the shoe too much.

Gucci Queercore Brogue Monk Shoe

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Gucci Queercore Brogue Monk Shoe; Image Via: Gucci.com

This is another release from Gucci this year where you’re think “How did Gucci come up with this?”. I’ll nod my head in agreement with that. Though I definitely believe this design would be more appealing to the male consumer than the ankle lace, I’m still not big on it. I know Gucci is going back to a certain era of shoes, but I’m not a big fan of the line. I just want to call it the Gucci Dragon Spectator. Obviously I find the dragon buckle the most appealing part of the whole shoe. What I don’t like is how the tongue is cut short and how it showcases your instep. Maybe Gucci was just trying to get men to show some more skin on the instep? It’s not bad, but I feel like there could definitely be some improvement to it.

Kolor’s Brown and Navy Furry Slippers

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Kolor’s Brown and Navy Furry Slippers; Image Via: ssense.com

This is just the beginning of the furry attack on shoes. I don’t think I’ve seen so much furriness within the shoe world as I have in this year’s releases. Every shoe brand seems to be on board with it and has incorporated it into their collections. Somehow I browsed upon this furry sandal and was actually amused with the whole design. First of all, it’s a closed toe slipper, not a sandal. I thought that too at first with the whole Teva ankle back-strap thing going on in the heel. What I enjoyed about the shoe was the color combinations and how the fur actually molds with the whole color scheme. Sure it’s kind of a hybrid shoe mixing seasonal footwear with each other, but I dig it.

Prada Decides Fur Is All Season

Prada decided they were going to capitalize on perhaps 2017’s biggest trend in footwear with fur. Prada’s strategy is everyday shoes should all consist of fur or a blend of the material. To be honest, I really like what they released with this year’s collection and these two listed top some of the trendiest stuff this year for men’s footwear. What do you think?

Prada Spazzolato Goat-Fur Tassel Loafer

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Prada Spazzolato Goat-Fur Tassel Loafer; Image Via: Prada.com 

As mentioned before, the furriness streak continues into Prada’s mens footwear collection this year. What you see within this tassel is genuine Alpine Goat Fur. I don’t know where I’ve seen Alpine Goat Fur on a shoe before, but I really think this is one of the trendier shoes from major design houses this year. The shoe keeps the classic penny loafer look and just adds on the tassels in a perfect manner. To me this is a nice mix or keeping originality but adding the right dosage of spunky creativity.

Prada Ankle Boot

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Prada Furry Ankle Boot; Image Via: Prada.com

Let’s just add some fuchisa to the fur! This has to be one of the more creative and fun shoes out there. A definite eye catcher which I think people deep-inside are saying to their inner-self I want. There are always shoes out there where you just stop and think for a moment, “Could I rock that?”. This is that shoe and a shoe guys’ could possibly dabble into if they’re looking to up their shoe collection. I couldn’t find much info on the shoe other than on the Prada site, but is definitely one of the trendier men’s shoes to me.

Ferragamo Modern Penny Loafer

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Ferragamo Modern Penny Loafer; Image Via: Ferragamo.com 

Ferragamo also decided to join the trendiest mens shoes 2017 list this year, but to a more toned-down level. Ferragamo has usually stuck to the professional looking Italian-made, work shoe look throughout the years. Every now Ferragamo will throw out something completely different. This penny loafer from Ferragamo goes with one of the bigger trends this year in lug soles. Lug soles on dress shoes to be a little clearer. This is a great look from Ferragamo with the diamond-studded, rocker looking sole that gives more pop to the standard Penny loafer. Once again, a toned-down level on the extravagant flair, but enough to catch the passerby’s eye.

The Top Contender: Balenciaga

No doubt, Balenciaga came out with plans to make the cover page of every fashion magazine for footwear. The designs below speak for themselves.

Balenciaga Speed Knit Sneaker

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Balenciaga Sock Knit Sneaker; Image Via: balenciaga.com

The one design house who has probably started some of the craziest trends of the year is Balenciaga. The Balenciaga name has seen its name mentioned numerous times throughout the year for some of the trendiest mens shoes 2017 releases. The Balenciaga Speed Knit sneaker was one of them. Who thought of basically putting a sock on a shoe sole and gluing them together? It’s basically what the design is, but the shoe has seen itself sold out online giving it one of the most popular shoe titles this year. What you’ve seen now are spin-offs with other design houses also releasing their own sock sneakers to keep up with the popular demand.

Balenciaga Triple S Trainer

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017

Balenciaga Triple S Trainer; Image Via: Balenciaga.com

And for one of the most talked about shoes of the year, the Balenciaga Triple S Trainer. Somebody basically brought dad’s old garage shoes into Balenciaga’s design office and asked them to do something with it. This is what resulted. With who-knows how many layers of chunky rubber layers stacked for the sole, the Balenciaga Triple S looks like a brick dumped in tie dye color. I would expect a ton of arch support with these monsters, but these have become some of the most spoken about shoes seen being on runways earlier this year. Up to you if you’re into the new vintage sneaker vibe or not.

Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017 Conclusion:

2017 has proven to be quite the eventful year for mens footwear designs. From sock sneakers to womenswear trying to make a dent, it’s hard to say what else could top the year’s releases. The creative director minds and designers definitely brought out their wildest ideas to reality. I really enjoy seeing how much more exciting men’s footwear has started becoming, but still there’s still a ways till it effects the boring everyday shoes men still wear. This wraps up what I think make the Trendiest Mens Shoes 2017 list. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for even more exciting styles before 2018.

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