My First Chinese Retail Stop: JUICE Streetwear

A Stroll Through the JUICE Streetwear Flagship Store

JUICE streetwear

During my recent trip through China I had an interest in possibly scouting out some different streetwear shops throughout China. I was really curious as to how much of a difference there would be between Eastern/Western brands and their retail presence. My first two stops through my tour back in China had no real well-known shops to stop at. However, after flying into Chengdu, my last leg of of the journey, I decided to really scavenge through the web. Of all major cities in China, Chengdu had to have one. It sure did. Anyone ever heard of JUICE streetwear?

This is what I finally came across, after all my online researching for streetwear in Chengdu. Not too catchy of a name if you ask me, but supposedly the brand had some major backers including Edison Chen. JUICE was mainly represented major presence throughout major Chinese coastline cities and Hong Kong. The Chengdu outlet was the newest flagship store for them opening just a year ago. It took quite a while just to find their store online, so I figured their retail store couldn’t be too grandeur. A taxi ride later down to the Tai Koo Li shopping district and a walk to the second floor was where I walked in.

Must Visit: Tai Koo Li Mall

If you ever get to check out Chengdu and need a shopping destination, then Tai Koo Li is it. It is the epitome of a new modern shopping center based around a lifestyle. It has everything from trendy shops, to historic cultural posts, and tantalizing restaurants around every corner. The mall has a kind of dark essence to it utilizing a lot of black, but really gives you the modern feel with the bright lights and eye-catching neon signs everywhere. The JUICE store was actually one of the more difficult shops to find as its sign wasn’t easy to spot. However, upon going in you definitely got the feel that it was a bit like a local shop that only the people in Chengdu knew about.

JUICE streetwear

The JUICE streetwear shop was quiet inside and seemed pretty low key as it didn’t have any major advertising showcased. This spot seemed like a destination you would find through word-of-mouth, not from online ads or media advertising. One of the first things I noticed and really like was the Asian aesthetic built within the store’s interior design. Bamboo wall dividers, Chinese lamps, and the wooden back wall with Asian pattern cutouts. Chinese storage boxes being displayed within public view is also something that you will see within every Chinese retail store, so no big surprise upon seeing that either.

Representing the Culture

JUICE streetwear

The JUICE streetwear shop though did show up to its promise of being a streetwear store though. There were KAWS toys displayed throughout the floor and had a nice selection of a bit of everything actually. I was really impressed at the shoe collection they contained within the store. There was a nice variety of adidas by Alexander Wang, Converse, Nike sneakers, and adidas shoes.

JUICE streetwear

JUICE streetwear

Many of the apparel brands were Asian, as I had never come across some of them before. Or they were just not highly sold throughout the US. There seemed to be a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong representations though many of the apparel designs. As with any western retail outlets there were plenty of ball caps, bars of jackets, fun accessories, and shoes showcased. I hung around a bit just to go through all the different brands and get a feel of the unknown territory. As you all suspected, prices are much friendlier in the US.

JUICE streetwear

Final Thoughts

JUICE streetwear

In all the JUICE streetwear outlet was a good experience. Was it what I expected? For the most part yes. There were brands I had never come across and the outlay of the store was very inviting. I really appreciated the nice Asian elements throughout the store which gave the experience a nice twist. I was really surprised at what they had for their footwear selection as I did not think they would receive some of the stuff. The store did not seem busy however and I wasn’t really impressed at much of the product they were selling. The salespeople were all stuck doing their own thing. Had I not researched, I probably would have never known about the place. A one time stop? A definite yes.

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