adidas originals Alexander Wang Skate Shoe Review

adidas originals Alexander Wang Skate Shoe Review – Drop 2

What’s Alexander Wang have on a skate shoe?

adidas originals Alexander Wang

Adidas and Alexander Wang decided for yet another drop on their string of limited collaborations. As the collection includes a plethora of apparel and shoe options I will only be reviewing one item. That is the adidas originals Alexander Wang skate shoe in brown that I was lucky enough to scoop up off adidas. This particular adidas originals Alexander Wang skate shoe I own is from the second drop that was released on April 1. The duo recently just dropped a third collaboration last week which also included a couple new color way of this same skate shoe.

adidas originals Alexander Wang

This A Skate Shoe or A Fashion Shoe?

The one word that pops to mind with the adidas originals Alexander Wang skate shoe is interesting. It’s different. Or I don’t know. That has been by far the initial consensus from people’s comments and reviews that I’ve seen. And I would say I can definitely see where they’re coming from. It’s everything from the color selections, to the thick platform on a skate shoe, to the angled instep of the whole front part of the shoe. Everything just has a bit of a different take to it. As a skate shoe, it’s probably not the most realistic option out there, but for someone trying to be trendy it could be a nice option.

adidas originals Alexander Wang

My initial thought on the shoe was that I liked it and that it was definitely something unique from a footwear standpoint. I believe the platform and its contrasting design is what first caught my eye. It’s very catchy and gives the shoe a nice look. The little herringbone pattern encompassing the whole brim of the shoe also added a nice pop. I think this tri-color sole is something adidas could possibly incorporate more into their own design lines as well. The Alexander Wang line however, stuck with the whole color scheme for the sole of the skate shoes through all three drops so far. Changing that up with each drop might have been a bit more appealing.

adidas originals Alexander Wang

Angled Upper

The next thought that crossed my mind was the very angled upper of the shoe. It looks steep and super angled. There’s nothing around that. Even when I initially slipped on my pair, I wasn’t sure about the functional aspect of it. The upper has this very weird fold design that basically layers over itself on one side. I guess it’s to make the slide easier onto your feet? I did not like it. Perhaps the thin rubber strap on the back heel will give you that little slip-in boost.

adidas originals Alexander Wang

The overall comfort of the shoe was thought out with the soft suede upper and wide toe box for an instant comfort-fit. The heel of the shoe is not extremely padded, but is stable and fits well. Since the suede upper is so thin, it could be prone to easy tearing or puncturing. Just thinking ahead for you. Included on the skate shoe are four rows of four perforated holes on the tongue area of the shoe. You should hopefully get some breathability out of the warm suede. You’ll also notice the small adidas originals stamp hidden on the toe box and a little stitching aesthetic on the inside. Gotta include a little detailing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the adidas originals Alexander Wang skate shoe was something unique to come out. It brings out a new creativity level to skate shoes and casual footwear. If you are just amazed with this shoe right off the bat, then hey it’s probably meant to be. Otherwise if you’re having second thoughts and opinions on the shoe then just skip it. The adidas originals Alexander Wang skate shoe will not find a home with every sneakerhead out there. What I recommend is looking at the adidas Hu tennis shoes by Pharrel that just released.

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