Another Pharrell: The adidas Hu Tennis Shoe Review

Pharrell’s Back At It

Take A Peek At The adidas Hu Tennis Shoe Review

adidas hu tennis shoe

Adidas is back out with a new collaboration with Pharrell, this time releasing the adidas Hu tennis shoe. These extremely lightweight tennis shoes were released in two pretty basic color ways. Green/White and Yellow/White. Both styles look very crisp and were kept to a minimalistic standard with the design process. Simple color combinations and overall a pretty simple shoe design silhouette. This is the start of a new line from the collaboration between adidas and Pharrell. Thus, we should expect to see many more color ways being released under the adidas Hu tennis shoe name. From what I hear these new color ways could release this summer sometime. Here is my first-hand look with the adidas Hu tennis shoes review.

adidas hu tennis shoe

Reviving An Old Style

This time Pharrell and adidas decided to switch gears by going away from the NMD series. With this model, the team seemed to want to venture into something more simple. A simple EVA sole and stretchy Primeknit material wrap around your feet. When you first take a look at the adidas Hu tennis shoe, you’ll really notice how it just looks like a simple set of tennis shoes. It looks like it would probably belong in a family with the Stan Smith’s, just a more modern and sportier looking of the tennis shoe.

adidas hu tennis shoe

Adidas really didn’t try to enforce their logo onto a main visible spot on the shoe body. You may not see much of it at first sight, but looking closely you will see three stripes made of small holes punched into the material. Yeah that, nothing really to get that excited about.  Overall, the majority of the upper is just a complex weave of patterns embedded within the texture of the shoe. What gives this shoe some pop was more the details around the top of the shoe.

Mesh upper and thick laces

All In the Details

Right on the neoprene tongue is a synthetic suede patch with the adidas and Pharrell logos. Like all main brand sneakers there just had to be an adidas logo showcased off somewhere. With the Hu logo on top and adidas trefoil on bottom, you can once again tell immediately its a collaboration shoe. One nice little add-in adidas threw in with the deal were some bright yellow shoe laces to swap out if you’re feeling a little sunnier. Always love the nice little features.

adidas hu tennis shoe

The back heel of the shoe sports the Pharrell equality logo. That last minute brush up logo of an equal sign?  It’s one of his signature logos. The insole of the adidas Hu tennis shoe also represents the Pharrell feel with the various words depicting parts of the body. Must be all part of the “human” thing Pharrell is building his shoe lines around. The bottom of the shoe just encompasses the waffle grid pattern like most adidas shoes these days. Once again, nothing too different with the shoe.

Pharrell Williams Collaboration in Yellow and White

Is the adidas Hu tennis shoe essential?

Know that this adidas Hu tennis shoe fits narrow. That was the first thing I noticed about the fit of the shoe. Even with adidas’s Primeknit material, I would recommend going up a half size up just to be safe. The adidas Hu tennis shoe is very lightweight though and for the most part comfortable.

Adidas continues to collaborate with celebrities, such as Pharrell and Alexander Wang with interesting designs. You’ll have to decide if each is worth copping or not. Hopefully the adidas Hu tennis shoe review gives you a little bit more of an idea on to whether you try to hunt this guy for your own collection. Check out this link to see what options are still available!

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  1. Thanks to this model I’m feeling like I’m falling in love with primeknit. I think that fashion that’s showingly hand-made or there’s some trace of traditional work are at play now, still I was surprised that Pharrell did this!

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