Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider: Beach Getaway

Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider: Beach Getaway

"Beach Getaway"

“Beach Getaway”

Local NY beach shop Extra Butter and Sperry Top-Sider  have come out with a refreshing collaboration based of course off of a beach theme for the summer. With plenty of turquoise and ocean blues being included as the main colors, it won’t take long for these limited edition beach shoes to get off the shelves. Sperry went with their usual two top-selling shoes with an A/O beach shoe and Striper version as well.

The first one and the one I like of the two, is the “Atlantic” A/O boat shoe. The boat shoe encompasses an upper nylon material, with a print of the top of the ocean view giving it a clear translucent effect. The side of the shoe is a gray-sandy canvas material, with hints of other speckled colors giving it a nice beach-effect to the overall look. To top it off the “Atlantic” has a standout turquoise sole with the logo engraving of Extra Butter on the back heel side and Sperry Top-Sider on the side . Overall, a nice standout boat shoe for the summer to add to your collection.

Extra Butter x Sperr Top-Sider Boat Shoe

Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe; Image Via: Extrabutteryny.com

Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe

Image Via: Extrabutteryny.com

Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe

Image Via: Extrabutteryny.com

The second pair of the Beach Getaway collaboration is the “Sound”, otherwise known as one of the signature Sperry Striper sneaker series. The “Sound” doesn’t carry out the same ocean-like print as its brother does, but still instills the blue-oceanic variants. With a full-upper canvas, the “Sound” has a teal front-end toe box color that sneaks in on the heel and tongue of the shoe as well. A lighter-sky blue takes on the upper part of the eyelet area of the shoe giving the “Sound” a nice contrasting combo-effect. One other noticeable difference between the shoes are the laces, with the “Atlantic” holding onto the standard leather laces, with the “Sound” deciding to go with the elastic lace-ups.

With everything released already and ready to be ordered for a cool $85.00 I ‘d pick up mine soon. Only 200 of these limited bad boys were made! Shop Here.

Extra butter x Sperry Top-Sider Sneaker

Extra butter x Sperry Top-Sider Sneaker; Image Via: Extrabutteryny.com

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